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Ann Herbert is the vice president and general manager of Nike’s North American division. She currently has resigned. Prior to being named vice president and general manager of the sportswear giant, Herbert had served as North America sales manager, head of Nike’s Asia Pacific and Latin America divisions.

Nike executive Ann announced her departure from the company on March 1. Herbert, who served as vice president and general manager of the company’s North America division, will resign effective immediately. The resignation comes shortly after a news report claimed that her son Joe Herbert had used a credit card in her name to buy sneakers for his resale business.

Ann’s departure from Nike marks 25 years since she began working with the company. First, she started in sales. And little by little she made her way to the top. Second, she has been the Asia Pacific, Latin America sales manager, and last year in June she became North America, division manager.

While at Nike’s, she was able to help increase Nike’s direct-to-consumer strategy. Additionally, the move has grown the brand in many ways.

Ann Herbert Age

Ann Herbert’s age is unclear.

Husband (Pascal Herbert) – Son ( Joe Herbert)

She is married to Pascal Herbert, founder of West Coast Streetwear, the shoe resale company whose business-led Herbert to leave Nike.

Ann has a 19-year-old son, Joe. She currently is the talk of the town. This is after her West Coast business flourished. She is attributed to the fact that she has bought sneakers to resell them. She apparently used her mother’s credit card.

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Joe says that he has never received special treatment for being Ann’s son.

Herbert Resignation

On Monday, March 1, Nike confirmed that Herbert had resigned. News of his departure went viral. This is due to the fact that his son Joe says that he used a credit card in his name to buy sneakers for his business.

This Ann Herbert story is wild. Her son really expects us to believe he found 6 pairs Mags in a storage unit, meanwhile running up his mom corporate card taking pics like these and shes the overseer of the SNKRs app

— Britt? (@ArliHazel) March 2, 2021

According to Bloomberg, Hebert shared information about upcoming online releases to paying subscribers in a group chat. He claimed that he had no inside information; Instead, he said his business savvy simply stems from living in Portland, where Nike bases its US operations.

“If you know the right people here, this is the city to sell shoes,” she told Bloomberg. The right people “can give you access to things that, for example, a normal person would not have access to.”

Hebert’s company Instagram account features an image of hundreds of shoeboxes, containing some of the most desired pairs available.