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Ariella Crawford (commonly known in the local community as Sage Crawford, birth name Deidre Hawkins) has been identified as the woman who was fatally shot in front of her two young children while charging another police officer with a knife, shows a graphic video.

The images, released Wednesday, February 17 by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, show 33-year-old Ariella Crawford walking down a highway in the Alta Sierra with her two young children as Deputy Caleb Toderean approaches her. her.

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Ariella Crawford was 33 years old.

A nearby resident had called 911

A nearby resident had called 911 on February 4 to report that a woman was walking in the middle of the road amid “significant traffic,” sheriff’s deputies said. The video shows Crawford that she was immediately angered when officers approached, prompting her to pull out a large knife.

“For unknown reasons, Ms. Crawford was very upset with the presence of our officers even though one of them said she had no problem,” said Nevada County Sheriff Shannan Moon. Toderean tells Crawford that she’s “not in trouble or anything like that” and denies that she is going to touch the woman’s babies, the clip shows. “But I need you to put away your knife,” Toderean tells Crawford. “Don’t hurt my babies!” Crawford responds before yelling at the agents. “If something happens to me and my babies, everyone will know about it!” Toderean says he “just wanted to help,” but Crawford continues to scream and walks toward him as a second deputy, Matthew Harrison, aims a taser gun at the woman, the video shows.

After the Taser is deployed, Crawford charges Harrison with the knife, causing Toderean to open fire. “After Deputy Toderean unloaded the service weapon from her, Ms. Crawford was still holding the knife,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement while posting the graphic images. “When she dropped it, the officers immediately began receiving medical assistance.”

Crawford was later pronounced dead at a hospital, Moon said. The Nevada County District Attorney’s Office will review the fatal shooting to determine if it was “justified and legal,” Moon said.

“We posted this video prior to the conclusion of that investigation for the sake of transparency with our community,” the sheriff said. “We do not judge the incident or how it unfolded. That is for the district attorney’s office to determine. ”