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Bill Magness served as ERCOT’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel when he first joined in 2010. After six years of service, ERCOT appointed him President and CEO in 2016. According to his official biography, Magness has been in the business of public services for 25 years where he worked with numerous electrical and telecommunications companies nationwide. Magness’s LinkedIn profile states that prior to ERCOT, Magness was a partner at Casey, Gentz ​​& Magness, LLP, a company that provides legal advice with a focus on state electrical and telecommunications law issues.

His other work experience included serving as Chief of the Client Protection Office at the Commission’s Public Utility. His job responsibility consisted of forming a customer protection division, conducting telecommunications arbitration proceedings, and assisting in legislative liaison activities. In addition, Magness had also served as an Assistant Public Counsel in the Public Service Counseling Office, an Assistant United States Attorney at the United States Attorney’s Office, and an associate at Palmer & Dodge LLP.

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Bill Magness’s age is unknown.

Texas power grid CEO Fired

The board of directors of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) released a statement Wednesday night, March 3, stating that President and CEO Bill Magness had received a 60-day termination notice that they approved after a meeting. ERCOT, responsible for managing state power grids, had come under fire after extensive power outages during deadly winter storms in Texas. Magness was fired after at least six ERCOT board members resigned, including ERCOT President Sally Talberg, as reported on February 23.

Thousands of Texans were left in the dark and freezing for days after their power generators failed. The backlash from residents resulted in multiple ERCOT members resigning their positions amid launch hearings by the Texas House of Representatives and Senate on how equipped ERCOT was before the winter storms.

How long will Bill Magness work at ERCOT after termination?

The board’s statement confirmed that Magness will continue to serve in her current position. He will use the 60-day period to help state leaders implement possible reforms to ERCOT. The board also announced that the search for a replacement has actively begun and further discussion of the transition plan is expected at future meetings, according to a report.

In a statement, ERCOT stated: “The ERCOT Board of Directors met tonight and directed the Corporate Secretary to exercise the 60-day notice of termination to ERCOT President and CEO Bill Magness in accordance with the employment contract with ERCOT. During this transition period, Bill will continue to serve as president and CEO and will work with state leaders and regulators on possible reforms to ERCOT. The ERCOT Board is expected to begin an immediate search for a new president and CEO and will continue to discuss the transition plan at future meetings during this time period. ”


According to one report, Magness earned more than $ 876,000 in salary and other compensation in 2019. He received most of the backlash for the blackouts that began on February 15, 2021, when Texas froze and people demanded electricity to heat their homes. . . The grid operators disconnected the power, leaving more than 4 million customers in a total blackout while the system failed. Magness said this was a necessary move through which they avoided an even more catastrophic blackout that could have lasted for months.