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Charles de Vaulx was a Moroccan French-born asset manager. He was chief investment officer, co-portfolio manager, and partner at International Value Advisers, LLC.

He earned a Master in Finance from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Rouen, France. In January 1987, de Vaulx joined the SoGen Funds, working under Jean-Marie Eveillard as an analyst. In August 1996, de Vaulx became an associate portfolio manager. In 1999, Société Générale sold the SoGen Funds to Arnold and S. Bleichroeder Advisers and the funds were renamed First Eagle Funds.

In January 2000, de Vaulx was made co-portfolio manager of four funds and a number of institutional accounts. In December 2001 he and his colleague Jean-Marie Eveillard were awarded Morningstar’s “International Stock Manager of the Year.” De Vaulx was designated as the hand-picked successor to Eveillard who went on to retire in December 2004, making de Vaulx the lead portfolio manager in January 2005.

Surprising the industry, de Vaulx left First Eagle, just weeks after winning another Morningstar award in December 2006 as the runner-up for “International Stock Manager of the Year.” In 2008, de Vaulx joined International Value Advisers, and served as chief investment officer, co-portfolio manager, and partner.

Charles de Vaulx Age

Charles de Vaulx was 59 years old


De Vaulx leaves behind a wife and two children.

Cause of Death

On April 26th, 2021 Charles de Vaulx committed suicide after his financial empire collapsed is being mourned as a Wall Street tragedy. Shortly before 1 p.m. on Monday, Charles de Vaulx entered the posh Midtown tower at 717 Fifth Ave. that had long housed the offices of International Value Advisers, an investment firm founded 14 years ago, according to police.

Minutes later, de Vaulx — who built IVA into a financial powerhouse with $20 billion in assets at its peak before it abruptly liquidated last month — plummeted from the 10th floor, according to a building employee. Responders at the scene pronounced him dead at 1:05 p.m.

Police are investigating the death of the 59-year-old Moroccan-born financier, but no foul play is suspected. And de Vaulx had not been accused of any wrongdoing.

In piecing together de Vaulx’s passing, people close to the firm said it was the final, tragic act of a brilliant investor whose life had become inextricably linked to the fate of his firm.

“This is a Shakespearean tragedy on a lot of levels . . . Ironically many of the stocks he owned have appreciated significantly in the past few months,” a source close to de Vaulx told The Post, on the condition of anonymity.

“Charles was a complex man with a lot of hubris who felt he failed in his mission of value investing and lost his raison d’etre,” the source added.