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Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez was a United States Marine from California who died in Bahrain on June 6, 2021, according to grieving family members, who are raising questions about his death and trying to get public attention.

There is a GoFundMe page to help his family. According to Thousand Oaks Acorn, the US military did not reveal the cause of his death. Yet the family demands answers and justice in a series of poignant tributes online. Heavy has reached out to the US Marine Corps for more details on the death of Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, including how Alvarez died. The site also reached out to Álvarez’s brother.

A family member denied on Facebook that the cause of death was a suicide, writing: “My brother, a United States Marine, was found dead in his room on Sunday, June 6. We know from a FACT that he did not kill himself. I need someone to help me spread the word. There are so many unanswered questions. ”

The post, on Elva Castellanos’ page, said: “He went to the Middle East under PCS orders, because he was doing very well at his MCAS Miramar duty station in San Diego. He offered orders to Manama, Bahrain, he was there for only two weeks. This does not add up. I want the whole WORLD to know that something is not right and that Brandon was loved by many in his community and I spoke to him before going to bed and he was HAPPY. HAPPY to be alive as always. Thank you, there are so many details and unanswered questions, but please EVERYONE, continue to share this. LET US BE BRANDON’S VOICE “.

Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez Age

Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez was 22 years old.

Alvarez’s Mother Statement

Emily Alvarez wrote on Facebook, “My 22-year-old brother, Brandon Javier Alvarez was killed… He was found dead in his barracks while serving in Bahrain. He was only there for two weeks! We are not getting adequate information on his murder case. All we know is that he was found dead in his room. ”

She added: “I won’t go into all the details, but it is clear that someone killed my brother. He would NEVER intentionally do anything to hurt himself. He just wanted a better future for himself and his future family. Even if they were in combat, he would. that he was NOT, was WILLING to fight for his country. He was a PROUD Marine. And he was murdered and mysteriously betrayed! Please spread the word! My sweet brother did not deserve this! This is something too fucked up and NEVER it should happen to no one again. PLEASE HELP US GIVE A VOICE TO MY BROTHER. SHARE THE STORY OF Brandon Alvarez! GOD BLESS # justice4cplbrandonjavieralvarez. ”

Álvarez’s family say he died in Bahrain. The images of his mother coming across his coffin are heartbreaking. A photo from the US Air Force reads: “A US Marine Corps transport team transfers the remains of Marine Cpl. Brandon J. Alvarez of Newbury Park, California, June 10, 2021 at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware. Álvarez was assigned to FAST Co., Central Marine Corps Security Force Regiment, Bahrain. ” See the coffin video of him arriving here.

“Two local naval sergeants notified us of his death in Bahrain on June 6, 2021 in the early hours,” says the GoFundMe page.

“The Álvarez family is reaching out to family, dear friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and everyone who knew Brandon for their support during this difficult time. He was an active United States Marine, who was born in Thousand Oaks CA, on January 31, 1999. To all who knew him, he was a kind, generous and loving person who loved and wanted to defend our country. He had many dreams for the future that unfortunately will not be fulfilled ”.

GoFundMe continues: “I, his older brother Victor, who is currently serving in our great United States Army, good for Brandon, will organize this fund on his behalf and post updates as they become available. Help us achieve our goal by donating what you can. Any help and your donations will be greatly appreciated by our family. ”

His brother has posted heartbreaking tributes on Facebook:

He wrote: “The support we have received in recent days has been greatly appreciated by our family. Our brother was known to many people in our community and he touched many hearts. We all know what kind of person Brandon was. He wanted to excel in life and make our family proud. To all of you who have been supporting us through these difficult times, I just want to take this moment to thank you all and let you know that we will continue to fight for our brother and receive the justice he deserves for the tragic loss of him in our hearts. . ”

According to the Thousand Oaks Acorn, Alvarez’s coffin “was draped in an American flag while fellow servicemen stood at attention to salute their fallen comrade. The corporal was assigned to FAST Company Headquarters (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Teams), Marine Corps Security Force Regiment, Bahrain.

His body arrived in Delaware on June 20, 2021. Former Sequoia High School teacher Shannon Baranski wrote on social media: “Brandon was an incredibly hard worker with a contagious smile and a sense of humor.”

Víctor Castellanos organized the fundraiser. “On June 6, 2021, my mother María Cruz received the devastating news that her son Brandon Alvarez, our brother, our friend, an uncle, boyfriend of an incredible young woman for half a decade and finally an American hero, was no longer with us. . on this earth. ”

She wrote: “Again, thank you for his kindness. Brandon will continue to live in our hearts and we will miss him dearly, but we will never forget him. The Thousand Oaks and Conejo Valley community lost a great American warrior and for those who served before him in this incredible community, we will always be united and forever strong in Thousand Oaks! #TOStrong. “The fund had raised more than $ 16,000 as of June 22, 2021.

One woman wrote on Facebook: “I don’t know this family personally, but I have a hard time believing how another mysterious death occurs for military reasons and nobody knows anything. Sharing to help this family obtain justice for their marine. # justice4cplbrandon “.

Alvarez’s Cousin Statement

Deborah Cruz, Álvarez’s cousin, wrote a story called “What Really Happened to Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez?” for the Motherhoodthetruth site.

“No one deserves to die far from home, only in dubious circumstances. My cousin, Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez, was a good man. He was a bright young man, who loved his country, loved his family and friends and was excited about the future he was building for himself and his loved ones, ”he wrote, adding that he was found dead. “In a no-fight. related incident “.

She added: “He was found dead in his room on June 6, 2021. It is known as a ‘non-combat incident.’

She concluded: “He left and the family he left behind to mourn him is kept in the dark about the circumstances of what really happened. This is not cool, no way. We need answers. Nothing will bring Brandon back, but at least, we need the truth. His mother needs justice for her son. We can not forget. Say his name… Corporal Brandon Javier Alvarez ”.

Britani Cabrera wrote on Facebook: “Brandon Álvarez, not only will we never stop seeking justice! She knows that his kind heart, his warm smile, and his incredible moves on the dance floor will still be remembered. you were always everyone’s favorite joker. I would like to ask everyone to like, share and tag any type of news medium … ”

Her cousin, Ruby González, wrote: “#justiceforcplbrandonjavieralvarez my cousin was found dead in her room on a foreign base. Anyone who has ever met my cousin says the same ‘it doesn’t make sense.’

She added: “He loved life, he loved his family, he loved his girlfriend for over 6 years, he loved his job, he loved to make people laugh, he was never a sad boy. He was motivated; he had goals that he shared with all of his family. Please, I ask everyone who sees this post to post again with the #justiceforcplbrandonjavieralvarez that is not another #justiceforvanessaguillen in which the military thinks they don’t need to give us answers; he didn’t want to die and he didn’t deserve to go out like he did ”.

People offered tributes to Álvarez online

These are some of the tributes to Álvarez.

“God bless his family and may they find justice for this warrior who intended to serve our nation. He flies high soldier, the lord had a bigger mission for you. ”

“I am also the mother of an American Marine. My condolences to the mother and family. May God bring you peace and comfort. We will be praying for you. ”

“Thank you Marine for protecting our country. May God wrap you in his arms of love and may you fly high with the Angels ”.

“In the literature of death, those who leave us tend to be remembered as those who could do no wrong, but Brandon was truly an amazing person. An incredible person and an incredible loss to this world. Wherever you are, I’ll see you there brother. ”

“You were a beautiful soul and your brand should not be forgotten. # Justice4CplBrandonJavierAlvarez ”.

Álvarez’s Facebook page said that he lived in Newbury Park.