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Darrell Peak, Kaiden Peak, 4, and Mayson Peak, 3, were found together inside a building in rural Benton County, not far from where they were approached by a state trooper on February 25 evening near Warsaw. , according to statements from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Family members contacted the Greene County Sheriff’s Office on the morning of February 26 to file a missing person report, telling deputies that Peak and his two children were last seen near their home in Greene County around 4 pm the day before as he walked away with them. him while he was armed with a pistol that he was known to carry regularly. The family told officers that Darrell Peak’s behavior was misplaced and that they have been unable to reach him since. They said he had a history of depression but insisted that he would never hurt his children, according to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper signed up to help Peak, who was having trouble with his car on US Route 65. In Benton County, north of Warsaw, around 5 : 30 pm on February 25, just one day before her family filed a missing person report. The officer whose name cannot be released later told investigators Peak refused any help and that the children were with him and appeared to be fine, according to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

Soon after, an officer reported seeing a man and two children get away from a vehicle along the road. When the officer turned his car around to see what was happening, he couldn’t find them and assumed they had disappeared into a wooded area. He was later dispatched to a Missouri State Highway Patrol officer to search the area, but he was unable to locate them either.

Darrell Peak Age

Darrell Peak was 40 years old.

Cause of Death – Suicide

Three days after their disappearance, police found the bodies of Darrell Peak, 40, and his two sons, Mayson, 3, and Kaiden, 4. According to police, the bodies of all three were located inside a structure not far away. from where they were last seen.

Authorities have not disclosed how they died.

Authorities announced an all-points bulletin across the state for his father and two sons on February 26, after the family reported them missing. Missouri State Highway Patrol officers and Benton County Sheriff’s Office officers surveyed the areas where the three were repeatedly observed near Warsaw the night before. The police department stated that detectives made “several attempts” to have an Amber Alert issued for the two children, but the case did not meet the criteria for the emergency child abduction alert.

Health Condition

Peak’s eldest daughter, Katie Peak, 20, said the family believes her father’s untreated mental illness played a role in the events. “She had a personality like no one else,” Katie Peak said according to the Springfield News-Leader. “You could never compare him to someone.

He was funny. He knew how to keep a smile and a laugh on you. “Katie said she will remember the good times she had with her father, like when he planned a family vacation, and then surprised them by saying” pack your bags, us. “You’re leaving in five. minutes “.

“I think he had some mental problems that he didn’t take care of,” Katie said. Katie said the events of the past few days have been devastating for her family and she can’t help but wonder if the tragedy could have been prevented by issuing an Amber Alert across the state.

“I really feel like if an Amber Alert had been issued, this would never have happened, because then people would know they were missing and what to look for,” Katie said, adding that not everyone has Facebook or watches the news.