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David Crawford, the former Laurel, Maryland police chief, is charged with a dozen arson between 2011 and 2020 and also attempted murder. Crawford resigned from the police department in 2010.

According to the LinkedIn account, Crawford painted a cheerful picture of himself, in his bio, he describes himself as a “Happily retired, but also happy to help!” and lists one of his personal mottos as: “Find the positive.”

David Crawford Age

David Crawford is 69 years old.

Charges – Arrested

He is now charged with 20 felonies in Prince George’s County alone, according to The Baltimore Sun, four counts of attempted murder in the first degree, four counts of attempted murder in the second degree, one count of arson in the first degree, five-second degree charges. degree of arson and six counts of malicious burning. But that’s not the only jurisdiction in which Crawford faces a lawsuit. He has been charged in Montgomery, Frederick, and Charles counties and faces 32 felony counts in those three counties.

A retired Maryland police chief was arrested Wednesday, March 3, in connection with a series of arson since 2011, according to a series of charges.

Crawford used to approach the target, pouring gasoline from gallon jugs, and lighting the flame with a stick wrapped in cloth. In a statement issued Wednesday, the Prince George’s County Fire Department said: “Throughout the investigation, it was determined that the structures and vehicles that Crawford intentionally set on fire were related to victims with whom he had had prior disagreements. “.

“All the fires were at night. In six of the arsons, the victim and his families were sleeping inside their homes, ”the fire department statement continued.

Investigation Report

Investigators said Crawford concealed his identity from surveillance cameras with hooded sweatshirts. She allegedly set fire to cars, garages, and even houses. Crawford allegedly went after public officials, the police chief who replaced him, a woman who had taught a training program for his wife that mentioned “white privilege,” two doctors who previously treated him for a back injury, a neighbor in Ellicott City, Maryland, and his own family members, including a stepson, whose home he allegedly attacked three times. Crawford’s search history included the addresses of several of his possible victims, police said.