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Emma Walker was shot and killed while sleeping at home in her bed in North Knox County, Tennessee, authorities soon targeted her ex-boyfriend, William Riley Gaul, as a person of interest. However, they needed to find evidence, such as the murder weapon, that linked him to the November 2016 crime.

Two of Gaul’s friends who were suspicious of him shared their concerns with investigators and eventually helped police arrest the college football player. Alex McCarty and Noah Walton said Gaul approached them after the crime and revealed certain information, which was when they decided to step in and help investigators, ABC News reported.

Walker, who was a third-year student at Central High School and a cheerleader, had been in an on-off relationship with Gaul for about two years, but it had ended shortly before his death, the outlet reported. Friends of the couple told investigators that Gaul was unable to let go of the relationship and continued to contact her and try to get his attention in the days leading up to his death.

Emma Walker Age

Emma Walker was 16 years old.

McCarty & Walton Statement

According to ABC News, McCarty said: “[Galia] ended up telling me that he was so afraid for his life that he had stolen his grandfather’s gun and showed it to me. I held it in my hand that night. ”McCarty said Gaul told him that he was afraid for his life and that people wanted to get him and Walker.

However, after Galia was confronted by authorities about having her grandfather’s gun, Gaul texted McCarty and asked his friend why he had told them about the gun. McCarty said that he went to see Gaul and that’s when he found out that his friend was lying:

I told him that I had no reason to retain the gun if he had nothing to hide and that, in any case, I could prove that he was innocent. I just asked him, ‘What happened to the gun that you showed me?’ And he said, ‘I gave it back to my grandfather. You do not have to worry about that ”. And his mother comes out and starts questioning Riley in front of me about the whereabouts of the gun.

Another of Gaul’s friends, Noah Walton, said the football player was “on edge” and told him that he would have to get rid of the gun to “not get caught for something I didn’t do,” they quoted. according to ABC News.

Investigation Report

The lead detective on the case, Knox County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Allen Merritt, told ABC News for his 20/20 show that Walton and McCarty reached out to them and said they could help recover what was likely the murder weapon. “Obviously there are concerns for his safety,” Merritt said. “We went over all of that with them and they were still firm, very firm that they wanted to do this. They understood the dangers and the concerns, but they wanted to do it. ”

The day after Walker’s death, Walton and McCarty received microphones, a transmitter, and a video camera hidden in a keychain and participated in an operation planned by detectives. Walton said: “My head was definitely spinning. So many things happened. ”

McCarty added: “I was not afraid for my safety. I was just afraid that justice might not have been served if we had made the wrong move.” The two invited Gaul to play video games and videotaped him instructing them on how to retract his statements about his weapon. Walton explained, according to ABC News:

Basically, I wanted to nullify all of our previous statements saying that we were under the influence and that we didn’t know what we were talking about. I was like, ‘Okay, sure, bro, my bad. I didn’t know it was going to get you in trouble. ”

Gaul told his friends that he wanted to go to the Tennessee River to drop the gun and he had it in a bag. Walton and McCarty tried to get Gaul to show them the contents of the bag and the gun, but he refused. Walton said they were in contact with authorities in a group text message: “I told [the police] when we got the bag. I told them that we hadn’t seen him yet, but that he had a bag full of black clothes. And it’s supposedly there, and it was about to happen soon. I do not know when “.

Eventually, they managed to detect the weapon and provide the keyword, prompting police to do a sweep 90 seconds later and put Galia under arrest. According to Knox News, the bag was full of evidence, including the clothing, the weapon, and the gloves.