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Freya Thorpe was a girl from the UK who accidentally hanged herself from a tree just days after becoming a sister to twins. Her mother has now spoken about her “hellish storm of grief” after the tragedy.

Freya Thorpe Age

Freya Thorpe was 4 years old.

Freya Thorpe’s Mom

Freya’s heartbroken mother, Elise Thorpe, 29, first spoke out about the tragedy that occurred in September 2019, just days after she gave birth to twins Kiera and Zack.

“I am a broken individual caught in a storm of hellish pain,” Freya’s mother Elise said, The Sun reported.

“We live day and night in hell, torture, shock, and pain that cannot be understood,” she said.

Thorpe accidentally hangs from a tree

Freya slipped and was caught by a leash before emergency services pronounced her dead shortly afterward. She had been invited on a play date at a house a “10 second” walk down a cul-de-sac where parents “” confidently let her children out to play, “the mother said.

But on one fateful day, Freya ventured out of her without her mother knowing. She was wearing a bicycle helmet when she climbed a tree near her home in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, in September 2019, the South West News Service reported.

She slipped and fell, but her helmet strap caught on the tree and she died despite the efforts of rescuers.

“I had a feeling he wanted her home. Soon after, I saw an ambulance at the end of the road; I panicked, at the time not knowing why she was panicking, ”Elise told SWNS.

“I called my husband to tell him that he was going to take her out of the house that she was behind her. He said, ‘No, I’m five minutes away, stay with the babies,’ ”she said.

“I saw her car go by and not come back from the little cul-de-sac. I knew something was wrong, ”she added.

After waiting two days at John Radcliffe Hospital, she and her husband were told that her daughter could not be saved.

“I never set foot inside my house again. This is something that I also lost and miss to this day: my home, ”Elise said.

Cause of Death

Thorpe accidentally hanged herself in a tree. Thorpe “potentially slipped” as she climbed a tree after setting her bike aside while playing with a friend in Upper Heyford, Bicester.

The court heard she was suspended from the branch and the helmet strap became “tight against her throat”. Coroner Darren Salter ruled her death, on 8 September last year, was an accident.

Her father Christopher Thorpe told Oxford Coroner’s Court the family’s lives had been “utterly destroyed” by his daughter’s death. He said he and his wife loved her “more than life itself”.