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Gemma Tyson is a UK mother who was embarrassed and relieved after discovering that her son’s “brain-eating worm” was actually a harmless piece of tape. The incident occurred in November 2019, but is now going viral for detailing it in a Facebook post.

Gemma Tyson Age

Gemma Tyson is 39 years old.

Son of Tyson

Tyson’s son is 10-year-old Ashton Horsfield, who put a headband on his ear and was unable to remove it. His mother was relieved to find that it was actually a harmless piece of tape.

Despite being embarrassed by the adhesive infiltrate, Tyson said that she “was relieved that it wasn’t a worm.” We hope that, unlike the film, the lesson will stick with Ashton in the future.

Tyson ashamed that her son’s “brain-eating worm” was a piece of tape

The incident began after Ashton reached out to his mother complaining of “itchy ears,” according to the publication.

Initially thinking it was “a big ball of wax”, Tyson quickly realized that something else was afoot after she pulled the foreign body out of it with tweezers and it kept coming out like a magician’s silk streamer.

“It was like a sticky/waxy texture that couldn’t be separated,” noted the horrified mother of three, who thought, “Oh my God, she’s got a giant worm in her ear.”

At that point, Tyson checked into the medical center immediately. Unfortunately, the doctors weren’t sure who the culprit was either, so they sent him to a lab for analysis.

The relief finally came a few hours later when Ashton said, “I wonder if it’s the tape that I put on my ear the other week because I couldn’t get that out.”

It turned out that the boy had inserted a piece of rolled duct tape into his ear and did not think to tell his parents until after the doctor’s appointment, according to the publication.