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Jennifer Hewitt is the wife of Jery Hewitt. He was one of the most respected stunt coordinators in the film industry and he was something of a legend. He worked with several of Hollywood’s best-known filmmakers, most notably the Coen brothers. Hewitt worked on 14 films with the Coen brothers, including “The Big Lebowski” and “No Country for Old Men.”

Hewitt also worked with other well-known filmmakers such as Jodie Foster and Mike Nichols. He was once described as the “thinking man’s stunt coordinator.” This is perhaps what led to him being entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating all 20 seasons of ‘Law and Order’ and all 22 seasons ofLaw and Order: SVU’. As for Hewitt’s connection to ‘New Amsterdam’, he worked on 14 episodes of the medical drama.

Besides Hollywood, Hewitt also had other interests. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Food Science before turning to filmmaking and that began a lifelong commitment to eco-awareness. This also inspired him to build his own home with the help of friends and family in Warwick, New York.

Jennifer Hewitt Age

Jennifer Hewitt’s age is unknown.


Hewitt is survived by his wife Jennifer, who was also his collaborator on the sets and worked with him on films such as the remake of ‘Pure Grit’. He is also survived by his children Harry, Kevin, Sam, and Molly.

Jery Hewitt Cause of Death

Jery died on Saturday, November 22, 2020, at a Middletown, New York hospital, shortly after suffering “a catastrophic stroke,” her family said.

They issued this statement which read: “His laser-focused attention to detail ensured the safety of those he was working with and allowed the precision of the moment to be captured on film with clarity and the true beauty of the story he was helping to. tell.

“Jery was honored to have worked on 14 of the Coen brothers’ films and his efforts brought to life iconic moments, from teaching Tex Cobb how to ride a motorcycle in Raising Arizona, to send his wife and collaborator for the past 25-year-old Jennifer Lamb, throwing herself back into a snake pit in the True Grit remake. ”