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Jennifer Porter, whose maiden name is Negus, is the ex-wife of Christian Porter, an Australian Liberal Party politician and lawyer who has served as Australia’s Attorney General since 2017 and has served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Pearce since 2013. appointed Minister of Labor Relations and Leader of the House in 2019. He is in the spotlight after being accused of rape in 1988 of a 16-year-old woman, who in 2020 committed suicide.

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Jennifer Porter’s age is unclear.

Jennifer Porter and Christian Porter

In the mid-2000s, Porter married Lucy Gunn, but they divorced. In 2008, Porter married Jennifer Negus, a former colleague and granddaughter of former Independent Senator Syd Negus. He took paternity leave after his wife gave birth to her first child the day after he was sworn in as minister of social services. They later had a second child but announced their separation in January 2020.

In November 2020, it was alleged on ABC’s Four Corners show that although he was married, Porter had kissed and hugged a colleague’s political staff member in a public setting. Porter denied the accusation. He claimed that the staff member in question had also denied Four Corners that the event had occurred, but that the denial was not mentioned in the report. He again denied the accusation on Perth radio channel 6PR.

Allegations of rape of Christian Porter

In late February and early March 2021, there were days of media reports that an unidentified federal cabinet minister was charged with a 1988 rape of a 16-year-old woman, who in 2020 committed suicide. Government figures postponed the action citing a referral to the NSW Police; On March 2, 2021, the police announced that there was “insufficient admissible evidence” to warrant a prosecution. Porter came forward on March 3, 2021, and revealed himself to be the focus of this report, denying the allegation and denying any sexual contact with her.

Speaking at a press conference in Perth on Wednesday, Porter flatly denied the allegations made against him. “Nothing ever happened in the allegations that have been printed. Even now, the only information I have about the allegations is what has been circulating online,” she said.

On Tuesday, NSW Police announced that the investigation into the historic rape allegation was closed, saying there was “insufficient admissible evidence to proceed.”

During the press conference, Porter responded to journalists’ questions about the details of the accusation saying “it just didn’t happen.”

Porter said he would not be retiring as attorney general, but would instead take “a brief period of leave.” “If I retire from my position … because of an accusation about something that just didn’t happen, then anyone in Australia can lose their career, their job, their life’s work, based on nothing more than an accusation,” he said. saying.

The allegations came to light after the alleged victim’s statements were sent anonymously to the Prime Minister’s office and two female politicians from the opposition Labor and Green parties last week.