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Julie Barer is the wife of award-winning writer Colson Whitehead. Additionally, Whitehead has twice won the Fiction-Pulitzer.

She currently she is a literary agent. And former bookseller. She first began publishing at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates. Second, she worked at Shakespeare and Company. Later, in 2004, she created her own agency, Barer Literary.

The club of writers who have twice won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction is small. It contains only four members. The club of recipients for consecutive novels is even smaller. Colson Whitehead is its only member. He won last year for his novel, “The Nickel Boys,” about southern Jim Crow. In 2017, he won for “The Underground Railroad”. Through historical fiction, he has illuminated the past to tell us something about our present. But his work doesn’t stay in one place.

He has written about elevator inspectors, zombie hunters, and the World Series of Poker. His next book is a heist novel. One of the other four members of the Double Pulitzer club, John Updike, said of Whitehead’s style: “Your writing of him does what it should do. It refreshes our sense of the world.”

John Dickerson: May I ask you about the opening lines of him? “Even in death, the boys were in trouble.” “The first time Caesar approached Cora to run north, she said, ‘No.’” “It’s a new elevator, freshly glued to the rails, and it’s not built to fall that fast.” “I have a good poker face because I’m half-dead inside.” Those first lines … they’re all creaking. Tell me about the process on the first line.

Colson Whitehead: Well I guess … I’m not sure why I internalized this lesson, but I’ve always been into pop culture and I love Stanley Kubrick. And so Kubrick has this war movie, his sci-fi movie, his sci-fi movie, it just made sense for you to do it … if you’re an artist, you just do something different every time.

Julie Barer Age

Julie Barer’s age is unknown.


Barer is married to Colson Whitehead, a two-time Pulitzer winner. Barer is a huge supporter of her husband. In addition, he shares his work on her social networks.


Julie and Colson have two children. A 15-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son.