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Kristina Zhuravleva often shared glamorous snaps on social media with her husband Dmitry, who has now been detained by police in Russia as they investigate the death. Her husband had reported her missing, triggering a major search. But police then detained him because there were “reasons to suspect him”, said a law enforcement source.

He had also told Ms. Zhuravleva’s friends she had left him and wanted to be alone, or that she had gone to Moscow. One theory is that she may have been forcibly injected with drugs, reported URA.

Ms. Zhuravleva, who was a former teacher, had an Instagram following of more than 50,000. She also ran her own social media outlet with tens of thousands of subscribers and was a successful manager for the accounts of clients.

Kristina Zhuravleva Age

Kristina Zhuravleva was 28 years old.


She is survived by her husband, Dmitry, and thousands who lament her loss.

Cause of Death

The 28-year-old Instagram star was reported missing by her husband, Dmitry. He has now been taken into custody and is being investigated for her disappearance and subsequent death.

Although the details of the case remain murky, Russian police are on the case and looking into the circumstances surrounding her demise. The body of Zhuravleva was found by a motorist who pulled over at the side of the road near Aramil, 15 miles southeast of a Russian city called Yekaterinburg.

Police have noted that the circumstances surrounding her death were not violent because there were no injuries to her body. The Russian Investigative Committee released the following statement about their preliminary findings:

“Investigators are establishing the circumstances of her death. A forensic examination, interrogations, and other activities are being carried out. The police are currently questioning her family and acquaintances. It is being established whether there were tensions in the family.”

When Dmitry reported Zhuravleva’s disappearance, he told authorities that she packed her belongings and left her phone at home. He claimed that she wanted to be alone and remarked that her being missing was “usual.”