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Ledell Lee was a convicted murderer who was executed by the State of Arkansas after being represented by an intoxicated attorney and insisting he was innocent. Now DNA tests are raising serious new questions about his guilt in the death of Debra Reese.

Lee was convicted of the brutal murder of Reese in her home with a tire thumper. According to The Washington Post, attorneys for Lee’s family say they found new DNA profiles that are not Lee’s DNA on the handle of the blood club used to slay Reese and a shirt wrapped around it. An attorney told The Post, though, that the DNA results are “incomplete and partial.”

“While the results obtained 29 years after the evidence was collected proved to be incomplete and partial, it is notable that there are now new DNA profiles that were not available during the trial and post-conviction proceedings in Mr. Lee’s case,” said Nina Morrison, senior litigation counsel for the Innocence Project, according to Arkansas Online. Read past Innocence Project articles on the case here. Read the Lee family lawsuit that resulted in the new DNA tests here.

Meanwhile, Arkansas officials are defending Lee’s executive despite the new evidence. THV11 reported: “The testing concluded that there is ‘moderate support’ that blood on Lee’s left shoe could belong to victim Debra Reese.”

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Lee, a Serial Rapi**st

Although he claimed he was innocent, Lee was convicted in the murder of Debra Reese. According to THV-11, Reese was raped and murdered in her home in 1993 at age 26 and was “struck approximately 36 times with a tire thumper, a tool used by truck drivers to check their tire pressure.” Her husband had given it to her for protection because he was a trucker who was often gone, the television station reported.

In 2017, Arkansas AG Leslie Rutledge said in a press statement, “On the morning of the murder, Lee had been going door to door in Reese’s neighborhood asking to borrow tools. Lee, a serial kidnapper and rapist, targeted Reese after he discovered she was home alone. Reese was last heard from when she telephoned her mother to tell her about the encounter with Lee, which left her uneasy. Reese’s battered body was discovered in her bedroom later that same day.”

Reese was also strangled, reports The Arkansas Times.

According to THV, Lee was arrested after “witnesses claimed they saw him walking down the street that Reese’s house was on.” Crime and Capital Punishment reports, “Lee, who had just been paroled after serving time for burglary, was arrested an hour after the murder when witnesses reported seeing him walking the street.”

The television station reports that Lee was suspected of other crimes by authorities, including the strangulation and rape of another woman, but that trial ended in a hung jury. He was also convicted of two other rapes, reported THV.

“Lee was convicted for the rape of two Jacksonville women and was accused of the murder and rape of 22-year-old Christine Lewis,” reports WZZM, which notes that prosecutors dubbed him a “super predator.”

“In November 1989, Lewis was abducted from her home where she was later raped, strangled, and eventually killed. Her body was later found at an abandoned home inside a closet. That trial ended in a hung jury,” reports WZZM, which adds that prosecutors didn’t retry him in that murder only because he received the death penalty in the slaying of Reese.