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Leigh Ann Bauman is a well-known real estate agent in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, accused of conspiring to murder her former mother-in-law. She is also a competitive motor boater, magazine cover model, and art dealer. In a bizarre detail, Bauman is accused of sending her daughter a text message that read, “your grandmother will die.”

According to the local Lake Expo news website, she is a “well-known Lake of the Ozarks real estate agent.” Her personal and professional Facebook pages are full of glamorous photos and she promises to find people her dream home. She now faces a criminal charge of conspiracy to commit murder, which is a class C felony. She once wrote on Facebook that Lake of the Ozarks was “the land of pretty girls and men in checkerboard shirts and facial hair”.

According to her Facebook page, Bauman is a professional motor boater with plans to compete this year.

“I am SUPERCHARGED to drive and WIN more on this boat for the 2021 offshore motorboat racing with the throttle legend! ??⚓️?, ”she wrote on Facebook.

“This week we are meeting with potential sponsors from Missouri! Whose name will it be on the side ?? !!! ”

In January 2020, she wrote: “Another magazine article! … We are gearing up for the 2021 lake racing season!”

Leigh Ann Bauman Age

Leigh Ann Bauman’s age is unknown.


According to Missouri court records reviewed by Heavy, Baumann and her husband were divorced in 2018.

On social media, she posted photos of herself showing herself with guns, speedboats, motorcycles, and on glamorous old magazine covers.

“Sweet! I have the JC ❤️ Ball, but I want a pearl handle Smith & Wesson if you see one! I’ll give you your money back! ?” she wrote in the comment thread of a picture showing her with a gun. With another photo of a gun, he wrote: “New gun locked and loaded, can’t wait to be a fatal shot with this pup too !! Who wants to shoot this weekend?

Arrested – Charges

The Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested Bauman on March 4, 2021, at 2:15 p.m., according to Lake Expo. According to KY3, the plot Bauman is accused of plotting involved a plot to assassinate his former mother-in-law. Bauman is 43 years old and lives on Lake Ozark.

The reason? According to KY3, prosecutors allege that Bauman believed the target was trying to damage his relationship with his daughter. Photos and captions on Bauman’s Facebook page show that he has at least two daughters. One image shows Bauman in a restaurant with one of his daughters last fall, with the caption: “Dinner with my sunshine, my shine, my baby.”

Criminal charges say a witness recorded Bauman entering into a deal to pay St. Louis people $ 1,500 to kill his former mother-in-law and make it “look like an accident,” according to Lake Expo. She was asked multiple times “if she was sure she wanted to hire these people” and indicated yes, according to the news site.

Lake Expo further reported that Baumann is allegedly taped saying “she knew as a Christian that she was wrong, but she could ask for forgiveness.

Bauman Has Political Connection

In 2019, Bauman wrote on Facebook, “L.A. Come back to Real Estate with 15 years of experience! We look forward to making your home dreams come true with Reece & Nichols Lake of the Ozarks! ”

On Facebook, she also referred to herself as “Art Dealer, CEO, HBIC at The Lake Ozark Gallery LLC. Commercial and Residential RealtorR at Universal Realty Group at realtor.com Pro. She Lives in Lake Ozark, Missouri. ”

KY3 reports that prosecutors asked that Bauman be held without bail because of “her finances and the danger to the victim.” Court records reviewed by Heavy confirm that Bauman was denied bail.

The plot was unraveled when an attorney for the witness contacted authorities, the television station alleges.

“The local realtor had various political connections and the witness was aware of these political connections,” Camden County Prosecutor Caleb Cunningham said, according to KY3. In a Facebook post, she wrote that she enjoyed accompanying a mayor as “First Lady of Lake Ozark and visiting our core of dynamic professionals.”