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Marjorie Taylor Green is the fourteenth representative from Georgia. Currently, she is facing a backlash. Due to putting up an anti-transgender sign outside of her office. That’s straight across the aisle from another legislator who has a transgender child.

Marjorie Taylor Age

Marjorie Taylor Green is 46 years old.

Taylor sign

In fact, the Chamber is expected to pass the Equality Law. First, the bill that would prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ Americans. Second, it also follows a series of inflammatory statements and actions by the Georgia first-year congresswoman. Also, she is retiring from her committee assignments earlier this month. This is due to a violent past comment that was unearthed.

Representative Newman, whose daughter is transgender, posted a pink and blue transgender pride flag pendant on Twitter outside of her office Wednesday afternoon.

Then that night, Greene retweeted Newman’s post, adding a video of her hanging up a sign that read, “There are TWO genders: MALE AND FEMALE … Trust the science. Additionally, she added that Rep. Newman is supporting the act to destroy women’s rights, and she feels her statement was sorely needed.

Green critics

Following her statement, Green has faced a lot of criticism. Representative Kinzinger is one of the people who came out to defend Newman and criticized Marjorie. Then the representative of Virginia Byer also joined the criticism.

History of the Marjorie controversy

This is not the first time Greene has faced a backlash. She has occasionally made offensive statements, pushing conspiracy theories. And while she argued against the passage of the Equality Act in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, she made inflammatory remarks.

“It’s one thing to stop discrimination against one class of people, but it’s another to completely violate and destroy the rights of girls and women to do so,” Greene said.

In addition to his argument that equality for one group of people would take away equality from others, Greene also claimed that this legislation would make sports unfair. Finally, his comments and past extremist behaviors him have concerned lawmakers.

In addition, he pressured the Missouri representative, Cori, to move her office away from her. As a result of a heated exchange from Georgia about Greene not wearing a mask in a Capitol hallway.