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Marlena Segar graduated from the University of Edinburgh. Although she was studying social and economic history with environmental studies in college, the young woman was always attracted to Se**x. So in 2016, when she was still a student, she started her first volunteer job at Se**x pression: the UK, an independent charity that teaches high school students about Se**x.

Marlena was not interested in following the regular Se**x ed curriculum; she spoke on various topics such as pornography and gender in her classes. In an interview with The Scottish Sun, she said: “Most of the time, the class was pretty quiet; I’d like to think they were taking it all in.”

After graduating, Marlena applied for a position at Sh! Emporium in London, a female-focused Se**x shop that also specializes in educational classes. “The interview was pretty standard, but I remember going through their Se**x toy-making lab, which they did at home, that was pretty exciting. I had three weeks off after finishing college before starting my job.”

Although she really enjoyed her job and learned a lot, unfortunately, in April 2020, she was fired from her job due to the pandemic. She then turned to social media to share her knowledge and skills that she had acquired over the years. This was also the time when she started WeNeedToTalk on TikTok. She began posting various videos related to Se**x education ranging from topics such as body hair to Se**x scenes in ‘Bridgerton’.

Marlena Segar Age

Marlena Segar is 24 years old.

Marlena Segar TikTok

Soon, their videos started to gain traction and they were getting over 100,000 views per video. “The views are great and it’s great to spread the word. But it’s when people reach out to me in the comments or message me and tell me how important these videos are to their lives that it’s all worth it. I’ve had people tell me. they come from really conservative backgrounds and their parents would never have told them what I’ve been talking about, “he said.

However, talking about Se**x on social media comes with its own challenges. Marlena shared how some of her videos were removed from the platforms due to guidelines from the social media community. She said: “I had several videos taken from me for ‘nudity and adult content, but once I marked them as ‘educational’ they are usually put back again. It seems that the algorithms detect certain words: so, like many other people who post about Se**x, I have to say ‘s3x’ instead. It’s annoying because it just reinforces the stigma against talking openly about Se**x. ”

Marlena currently plans to begin her Se**x therapy training in September. Her goal is to make Se**x seem less scary to young people and share all the information they need.

Posting TikTok Se**x Education Videos

Segar, the popular social media platform, is becoming the perfect space to share your vast knowledge in the field of sex education.

Considering the audience is mostly full of teenagers, Marlene couldn’t have found a better platform to make sure her se**x-ed content reaches the right demographic. What she started out as filming myth-busting videos about sex from a living room ended up becoming popular and viral content. TikTok has over a million views on most of its extremely popular videos, under the username WeNudeToTalk.