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Martha Chansley, the mother of the man dubbed the QAnon Shaman of the United States Capitol rights on January 6, has defended her son’s actions in an interview on national television. According to Chansley, his son Jacob Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli, did nothing ‘wrong’ by carrying a massive crowd on the United States Capitol as the House rallied to ratify President Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. November 2020 Americans.

Speaking to Laurie Segall of the CBS show 60 Minutes, Martha shared her personal opinion on her son’s actions. The interview will air on Sunday, March 7, and sees her mother get defensive when asked if her 33-year-old son was wrong for storming the Capitol along with a violent mob.

In a two-and-a-half-minute preview of the original interview shared by Segall via her Twitter account, Martha can be seen defending her son, smiling the entire time. Segall titled the clip “He walked through the open doors. “- Martha Chansley, defends the actions of her son, also known as QAnon Shaman, during the siege of the Capitol. This exchange was one of the most revealing of the piece. The full clip. … ”

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In the video, when Segall asks Martha, “Do you see anything wrong with what your son did?”, Martha responds, “What do you mean by” wrong? “She quickly defends her son’s actions saying” He didn’t, he walked through the open doors! He was escorted to the Senate! So I don’t know what’s wrong with that! ”

Segall reiterates “This was an attack on the United States Capitol, and his son was part of it, whether he says it was violent or not.” He then asks “Do you see the seriousness of this?” Martha responds quickly “Of course, of course. I feel the seriousness of this because my son is […] where he is now, then,” referring to Jacob’s arrest and current detention after the riots. Yet she insists, “If he could back down, he would. I know he’s sorry. But again, it all comes back to … he walked through the open doors.”

When Segall asks if “it appears that the doors were just opened peacefully to the public,” Martha questions the use of the word “peacefully.” She explains: “The doors were open. They were letting people in.” Segall notes that security at the Capitol was “overcome by a group of people, many of whom were armed.” But Martha keeps insisting that “Jacob wasn’t part of it.”

Pointing out the obvious skew in her tone, Segall smiles as she says, “I hear you say, ‘My son was there, but he wasn’t part of the bad part.” And Martha affirms it in disbelief, saying “I think it’s very important to understand that.” Segall comments again: “Wasn’t it all so bad? There was no attack on the Capitol, no disruption of our democratic process, isn’t it all so bad?”

This is where Martha disagrees, she insists: “I don’t think the process of being able to go and exercise your right to freedom of expression and stand up for what you think is right.” Segall remarks: “It is not your right to disrupt the democratic process. It is not your right to violate the Capitol, to go where you are not legally allowed to be.” And finally, Martha says, “What I would say to that is that I don’t think it’s right that (the presidential election) was won fraudulently. I don’t think it was won fairly.”

The video, which has since accumulated more than 6,000 comments, retweets and about 9,000 likes on the platform, saw massive outrage from users. “As a former elementary school teacher and principal, I know this mother. I fear this mother and her child. The child will do whatever he wants and, if asked, I will have a screaming mother in my office immediately afterward.” wrote a user.

Some were also concerned that CBS and Segall would even allow these sentiments to reach impressionable audiences. “Laurie, with all due respect for going through this. But shame on you and shame on CBS for allowing these dangerous traits to tell their side of the story. So irresponsible. And you wonder why people are mad at ‘journalists’” ” wrote one. Username.