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Megan Anne Walthall was ordered to serve her sentence Friday in Stafford County Circuit Court, the Roanoke Times reported. Prosecutors allege that Walthall called 911 on July 15, 2019, to report that her boyfriend Brandon Dye was not responding.

Later, a raid was carried out on Walthall’s home from where officers found drugs, paraphernalia, and a video that she recorded while Dye was dying. The images showed the woman sexually abusing the victim and laughing as he died. Prosecutor Park said the video was clear proof that Walthall did not immediately call for help, as she waited almost 45 minutes before calling 911.

But defense attorney Price Koch defended Walthall, saying she, too, was drugged at the time as she taped the episode to show Dye later in hopes that she would stop overdosing. Koch also claimed that her client went to great lengths to “pick up” her boyfriend and took the help of ineffective methods, such as pouring water on him and repeatedly shaking him to wake him up.

“It was done stupidly and wrongly, but there was no malice,” the defense said, adding that there was no evidence to conclude that Walthal’s actions led to Dye’s death. However, Park claimed otherwise. The prosecutor said that calling 911 for help was inexcusable and that the “level of depravity” shown in the images justified years in jail.

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Megan Anne Walthallis 32 years old.

Charge – Arrested

Walthall’s second drug conviction was reportedly related to a drug overdose incident on December 12, 2019 at Newton’s Motel in Stafford. However, the victim, in that case, survived and told investigators that the woman gave him drugs, which he used on her. At the time, after the overdose, Walthall confessed to disposing of the needle and heroin from the victim’s room and hiding it in the friend’s room, according to court records.

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