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Nicholas Costanza was identified as, in keeping with Kardashian’s concerns, a judge granted the mother-of-three a temporary restraining order against her alleged stalker. Kardashian claims in court documents that Constanza had randomly turned up in her closed community of hers in earlier instances and told her guards that he was there to pick her up for dinner. When she showed up at Kardashian’s house in February, Constanza had just asked to see her. In her most recent attempt, she appeared stating that she was getting it out of her.

For months, Constanza had allegedly been posting all kinds of junk marriage claims and creepy random messages about the reality star on her social media accounts. One of her posts, TMZ reports, read: “Queen Kimberly sitting alone in your great castle waiting for her Knight in her shining armor.” So when the disturbing gift package reached Kardashian guards, they deduced it came from the same man.

Constanza’s social media accounts have been disabled since news broke that Kardashian’s security team planned to file a restraining order. According to the court order, she must stay at least 100 yards from Kardashian and refrain from making contact.

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Constanza is the second man who was slammed

Less than a week after it was reported that Kim Kardashian planned to file a restraining order, TMZ was able to learn the name of the man she claimed had been “stalking” her. In the latest update, the outlet reports that the reality star-turned-beauty mogul was finally able to obtain legal protection against a man identified as Nicholas Constanza who had allegedly sent Kardashian a package containing an engagement ring and a package. of Plan B: the emergency. anticonceptive pill. News of this comes after Kardashian was able to obtain a restraining order against another man named Charles Zelenoff less than a month ago.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Constanza’s gift package was allegedly discovered by Kardashian’s guards on June 3. At the time, Kardashian’s security team had confirmed that the gift was sent by someone who had shown up at her home multiple times in the past. , being the first time in February, the same month the reports about the divorce of her and Kanye West were made public.

The court file of Kardashian’s attorney, Shawn Holley, sees her alleging that the man had shown up at her home once in February and again in May. Kardashian also alleged that Constanza has also been stalking her online, sharing fake marriage certificates and creepy posts about her on social media.

Constanza is the second man to receive a restraining order from Kardashian in the span of just one month. On May 28, TMZ reported that Kardashian’s attorney Holley acquired a temporary restraining order to protect the reality star from a 32-year-old man named Charles Peter Zelenoff, who had also been harassing her for months.

The other stalker, Zelenoff, had been sharing disturbing posts about wanting to have a physical relationship with Kardashian, and several of them are about invading his home as well. Court documents see Kardashian claiming that Zelenoff had taken photos of his property from the outside and has been expressing his frustration online at not being able to get inside. Kardashian claimed this left her scared as the man was able to find her home even though she never shared the exact address anywhere.

Zelenoff, who already had two assault convictions, was called dangerous by Kardashian in her introduction and also used the word “stalker” to describe her relationship with the man. Like Costanza’s, Zelenoff’s restraining order also requires that he must stay at least 100 years away from Kardashian at all times.