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Peyton Alexander Ham, who attended Leonardtown High School, was remembered as a “talented” honors student with promise Wednesday in the wake of the shooting.

Peyton Alexander Ham Age

Peyton Alexander Ham was 16 years old.


His family said he was “an incredibly smart, gifted sweet young man” with an “Alex P. Keaton” type personality, referring to the overachieving TV character played by Michael J. Fox on “Family Ties.”

“Our family is absolutely heartbroken and shattered over this sudden, unexpected loss of life of a talented young man, filled with promise,” his family said in a statement. “Words cannot express the gratitude our family is feeling with the overwhelming love and support being extended by our friends and family in our amazing community.”

Cause of Death

According to police, Ham pointed what appeared to be a gun at the trooper, and the trooper fired his weapon, striking Ham. Police said Ham then pulled out a knife and tried to get up, and that’s when the trooper fired another shot, striking Ham.

Ham was taken to a hospital, where he died, police said.

Police said they later determined that Ham was holding an airsoft gun, which they say is a “close representation of an actual handgun.” The replica gun and knife were recovered at the scene, police said.

Ham’s family released a statement Wednesday afternoon through their attorney, saying: “Peyton Alexander Ham is an incredibly smart, gifted sweet young man. Peyton is an honor student who enjoyed attending Leonardtown High School. Peyton was thrilled in his eighth-grade year to be accepted into the St. Mary’s County Public Schools premier academy, The Global International Studies program, exclusively located at his home high school, Leonardtown High. Peyton is an avid history enthusiast, studying many genres to include European history, ancient monarchies, World Wars I and II and the rise and fall of the former U.S.S.R. Peyton could best be described as an ‘Alex P. Keaton’ type personality. His love of conservative politics always taking center stage to his lively debates at the family dinner table.

Peyton thrived as a cook, always experimenting with his own twists on recipes he found appealing. Peyton enjoyed being his mother’s sous chef, prep-chopping many scratch ingredients to make various dishes. Peyton loved his family, siblings, cousins very much.

Peyton was a baseball enthusiast, brought about by his grandfather’s love of the game. Peyton enjoyed rooting for his hometown team, the Baltimore Orioles, discussing play by play with his grandad over the phone while watching the game. Peyton was absolutely thrilled to make his school’s ‘Mock Trial’ team, enjoying being selected as the coveted ‘prosecutor’ for one of his team’s major cases. Peyton dreamed of attending a four-year university to obtain an undergraduate degree, and move on to pre-law, with the ultimate dream of being an elected senator or delegate, to represent his home state of Maryland.

Investigation Report

Police said the trooper involved has been working with MSP for two years and seven months. An investigation continues.

Police said investigators continue to interview people, find more witnesses and search for evidence. Anyone who witnessed the shooting or who has any information is asked to call the Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack at 301-475-8955.