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Robert Scott Palmer is a man who runs Son Bright Systems, a cleaning, and restoration business in the city of Clearwater, Florida. He has a criminal record, verified by the Huffington Post, which includes assault and felony fraud.

Palmer is also a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was interviewed in an article by WUSF about his victory in the Superbowl. Like many others, Palmer ignored social distancing protocols when he took to the streets to celebrate victory in front of Raymond James Stadium. Not much else is known about Palmer, as it appears his Facebook page has been taken down. His LinkedIn profile of him simply lists him as the owner of Son Bright Systems since 2000. His LinkedIn profile also says that he studied in Manchester, New Hampshire.

According to the Huffington Post, “(his Facebook profile) is riddled with posts spreading false information about Biden’s election, denigrating the Black Lives Matter movement, and downplaying the need for COVID-19 security protocols. A video Palmer uploaded in December appears to show him cheering in a Proud Boys parade marching down the street in DC ”

Robert Scott Palmer Age

Robert Scott Palmer is 53 years old.

Robert’s Role in Capitol Riot

In his very distinctive outfit, Palmer is seen walking up the Capitol stairs spraying the fire extinguisher at the police. Once the canister is empty, he tosses it to the police. It is unclear from the images if Palmer injured anyone with his actions.

It is not clear what happens next. The only other shot we see of Palmer is on the Facebook Livestream on CJTV media.

Are we tracking this guy in the flag hoodie throwing a fire extinguisher at the police? Also #ginabisignano and #swedishscarf in the end. #seditionhunters #CapitolFireExtinguisher @capitolhunters @johnkriby1 Clip taken from 5.01 in YT video by Norman Koch

— Captain Columbo (@ColumboCaptain) February 19, 2021

The video of the broadcast is available on YouTube. In it, Palmer is first seen displaying injuries on camera that night, when protesters argue with riot police. “He shot me with rubber bullets just for yelling at them,” he tells the reporter.

He then spends a few minutes talking about keeping Trump in the office before identifying himself. Although Amy sent the tip to the FBI, it took Palmer about a month to appear on the office’s Capitol violence page. He is now listed as # 246-AFO.

Palmer confirmed his identity and his role in the insurrection when he was contacted by the Huffington Post. When asked about the fire extinguisher, he cut the call. Now there are public calls on social media for Palmer’s arrest. Some users have also spammed the Son Bright Systems Facebook page asking Palmer to turn himself in.

Facebook Live – Charges

Palmer later identified himself in a Facebook Livestream. He was seen wearing the same star sequined jacket and ‘Florida for Trump’ hat in a video taken after police managed to clear the Capitol.

Palmer, who has been sentenced on assault and serious fraud charges, then abruptly hung up when asked about the extinguisher, according to the outlet.

He later claimed that the Biden administration is unfairly targeting the Patriots in its effort to find and arrest the rioters.

“I just do it and let them make the mistakes they want and ruin the country the way they want, and I’m just trying to live my life right now,” he said before getting nervous. “I’m just going to leave it like that. I’m not getting anything, not deeper, because I didn’t do anything wrong, but I’m not getting involved anymore.”