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Roberto Minuta, who defied state COVID-19 restrictions last year to reopen his tattoo parlor in Newburgh, has been arrested on federal charges for his alleged role in the riots on the United States Capitol in January.

Bail for the 36-year-old Minuta was set at $ 150,000 on Monday, he must surrender the firearms before Tuesday’s close of operations, and his travel is restricted to parts of New York State and Texas, a magistrate ruled. US District Court at a hearing in White. Plains. He must also hand over his passport and other travel documents.

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Roberto Minuta is 36 years old.

Arrested – Charged

Minuta was a former bodyguard for Stone and currently owns a tattoo parlor in Newburgh. On the morning of January 6, the Oath Keepers member was seen guarding Stone outside a hotel in DC. The FBI in its statement said the 36-year-old was “outfitted in military-style clothing and equipment, including clothing adorned with a shield related to the Oath Keepers.”

Prosecutors, on the other hand, said he was “looking for a fight” and added that he was armed with pepper spray or bear spray. Court records indicate that “Minuta and other affiliates of the Oath Keepers violated the grounds of the United States Capitol, where Minuta aggressively reprimanded and mocked United States Capitol police officers responsible for protecting the Capitol and the representatives inside the Capitol “.

Minute has 10 firearms registered to his name and before leaving the Capitol, he said, “All that’s left is the Second Amendment.” The FBI also revealed that Minuta went so far as to delete a Facebook account that he had maintained for nearly 13 years to hide his involvement in the incident. Stone, on the other hand, has denied any involvement. Stone’s sentence for various felonies was commuted by Trump.

The other person arrested was identified as Isaac Steve Sturgeon, 32, of Dillon, Montana. According to court records, Sturgeon is charged with pushing a metal police barricade against police officers during the riots. He was identified with the help of the body cameras used by the police, and also through his photographs that were published on social networks.

At least five people, including a police officer, were killed in the riots and two officers reportedly died by suicide afterward. Sturgeon traveled to Kenya on January 24 and was deported from that country to New York after which he was arrested Saturday at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

According to a Washington Post report, nearly 60 percent of those charged for their alleged involvement in the riots have had a history of financial hardship. Many lost their jobs as a result of their involvement in the riots, including the CEO of a data analytics company. Cynthia Miller-Idriss, a political science professor who helps lead the Polarization and Extremism Research Innovation Lab at American University, DC, was quoted in the report as saying, “I think what you’re finding is more than just financial insecurity. , but a deep seated feeling of precariousness about their personal situation “.

Miller-Idriss also added: “And that precariousness, combined with a feeling of betrayal or anger that someone is taking something away, mobilized a lot of people that day.”