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Rodney Reese spent a night in jail after being arrested for being on the streets while walking home from work in freezing conditions during winter weather last week.

The Plano Police Chief said he is dropping the charge against Reese because he does not conform to what officers were called in to investigate. Reese lives with his mother just a few blocks away, just down the street from where he works.

Rodney Reese Age

Rodney Reese was 18 years old.

Charges – Arrested

A black man in Texas was arrested for walking in the middle of a street during a snowstorm, but the misdemeanor charge has since been dropped, police said.

Video from last Tuesday’s encounter shows Rodney Reese, 18, walking home from his job at Walmart in the middle of a snow-covered street when Plano cops approached him for a wellness check.

“Dude, stop, we’re trying to help you,” said an officer before jumping out of a police patrol car. Then another cop asked Reese, that he was wearing a T-shirt, jeans and no coat, if he needed to be taken somewhere, the clip shows.

“No, I’m straight,” Reese answered flatly.

Officers said they were “just trying to make sure” Reese was okay, but he ignored his orders to stop and talk to them as he continued on his way home.

“Can you calm down?” a woman said to Reese. “We just want to talk to you … you’re walking in the middle of the road.”

Reese repeatedly said that he was on his way to his home and denied the officers’ request for a ride, as well as for him to identify himself. A police officer said they were “conducting an investigation” into a report of a man who tripped while walking in a neighborhood without proper clothing, the video shows.

Police Statement

Police said in a statement that police had responded to the scene after someone reported that Reese was possibly disabled or in the middle of a mental health crisis. Officers continued to follow him before handcuffing him, the clip shows.

“Stop resisting!” said an officer.

“Let me go, let me go!” Reese responds about the images. “What the hell happens to you?”

Police noted that Reese, who was arrested for the misdemeanor of being a pedestrian on the highway, was not charged with resisting arrest in the incident.

Meanwhile, the Plano police chief said the misdemeanor charge was also dropped against Reese because the officers’ response did not correlate to the incident.

“They should have taken him home, it’s where he should have gone,” Chief Ed Drain told KDFW.

Department heads will determine if an investigation into the incident is needed, KDFW reported.

Reese, for his part, said he ignored the officers’ offer of help because he was only a few blocks from where he lives with his mother.

“They just treated me like he was a criminal or something,” Reese, who spent a night in jail, told the station. “Just a simple meeting. A simple encounter. So I tried to avoid it, so I could get home. ”

Reese insists that his race was the only reason the cops detained him that night.

“Just because I’m black, that’s it,” Reese told KDFW. “It’s because I’m black, I fit a description. It hurts, man.”

Drain denied those accusations but said: “I can’t get into people’s hearts, I can’t get into people’s heads.”