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Ronnie Oneal III allegedly murdered his girlfriend and disabled 9-year-old daughter, then stabbed their 8-year-old son before setting fire to the family’s Tampa home in 2018. The surviving boy testified Wednesday by a remote video that he witnessed the murders. When it was Oneal’s turn to question the boy, he asked his son, “Did I hurt you that night?”

“Yes,” the 11-year-old replied. “How did I hurt you?” Oneal continued. “You stabbed me,” his son replied. On Monday, Oneal told the court that the prosecution’s evidence was “one of the most vicious, lying, fabricated and fictitious governments he has ever seen,” as he presented opening arguments on his own behalf.

“I look alone. But I’m backed by a mighty God, ”Oneal yelled as he gestured and walked through the Tampa courtroom. Prosecutors said they would prove that Oneal shot her girlfriend Kenyatta Barron before beating her to death.

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Ronnie Oneal is 32 years old.

Ronnie Oneal murdered his girlfriend and disabled 9-year-old daughter

A father, accused of killing his girlfriend and their autistic nine-year-old daughter, reportedly aggressively interrogated his son, who testified against him in court. The eleven-year-old boy was eight when he allegedly witnessed the brutal murder of his mother and his sister. He also suffered serious injuries during the 2018 incident, allegedly at the expense of Ronnie Oneal III, who also set his home on fire.

“My dad killed my mom,” Ronnie Jr. told jurors by video conference in the double murder trial of his father on Wednesday, June 16. However, Oneal, who is acting as his own attorney at trial, reportedly questioned him. The suspect also told the court that his son’s testimony did not match his earlier statement. When Oneal asked the boy, “Did I hurt you the night of this incident?” He replied, “Yes. You stabbed me. ”

According to prosecutors, Oneal allegedly murdered her girlfriend Kenyatta Barron, 33, on March 18, 2018, shooting her and then beating her to death with the shotgun. The defendant also killed nine-year-old Ron’Niveya Oneal with an ax before stabbing Ronnie Jr and setting his home on fire.

But Oneal has claimed that Barron was the real culprit in killing her daughter and, in her own defense, he had to kill her. “By the time all is said and done, they will see who the mass murderers are,” he yelled in court during his opening statement on Monday, June 14. He also added: “This whole case has been rigged and fabricated. My son did not see me brutally beat his mother to death. ”

While giving his testimony, Ronnie Jr recalled the horrible day and told the jury that he heard his mother and his father argue and when he went to see what was going on, his mother ordered him to return. to her bed. However, he soon saw Oneal “holding a shotgun”. “My mom ran to my sister’s room, to the closet,” said the boy and added, “My dad told me to walk and say some words, ‘Allah Akbar,’” and also asked him to kill his mother. The boy also alleged that his father forced him to hold the gun with him while Oneal fired a bullet. But it is not confirmed whether Barron was injured by that bullet.

Ronnie Jr also testified that his father chased his mother out of him, and prosecutors claimed that Oneal hit Barron so hard with the shotgun that he broke into pieces and had the barrel bent. The boy told jurors that after beating his mother, Oneal returned inside the house, took an ax, and then dragged his sister into the master bedroom. “He hit her on the back of the head with the ax,” Ronnie Jr said, alleging that her father also set her house on fire.

However, when he was questioned, Ronnie Jr said that he did not physically see his father murder anyone. But he claimed to hear and see enough to understand what was happening. The boy also said that shortly after the horror, he fled the house. He was reportedly found by a neighbor, who called the police for help. Hillsborough Sheriff’s Sgt. Frank Tagliarini testified Tuesday, June 15: “He appeared to have been gutted” and he was soon rushed to a hospital.