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SeMarion Humphrey’s mother, Summer Smith, said she has been reporting incidents to her school for months. However, the turning point came from an incident at a pajama party last month.

A disturbing video of a black student forced to drink urine by his white classmates was shared by the victim’s mother on Snapchat and Facebook. The shocking images show SeMarion High School students from Haggard High School in Plano, Texas.

According to his mother, Summer Alicia, he was forced to drink urine, shot with a BB gun, and called racial slurs by his soccer teammates during a sleepover.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Alicia has shared the gruesome details of the incident, stating that her son was called the n-word, forced to drink “the urine of not only a child who she thought was her friend, but also his friends. “.

Also, she wrote: “Imagine the school tells you that they can’t do anything about it because not all the incidents happened on campus. My son does not have to imagine these things, they are all his reality ”. The video shows SeMarion drinking dark-colored urine from the cup while others burst out laughing.

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SeMarion forced to drink urine

Questioning the school for not expelling students who harassed her child, she asked, “When will PISD keep the ‘zero tolerance policy for bullying’ in place? Why is it okay for these kids to remain soccer players and go to school freely without consequences? Why was it okay 5 years ago for PISD to ‘handle off-campus matters’ when it came to an accident, but ‘their hands are tied with these other matters?’ ”

In the same post, Alicia thanked the Plano Police Department for investigating her son’s case. According to The Sun, the police department has said that a Juveline detective was assigned to the case on Thursday, March 4.

“The detective and school resource officer will continue to work with Plano ISD officials to conduct a full and thorough investigation in an effort to identify any criminal offenses that may have occurred during and prior to this incident,” the statement said. of the.


SeMarion’s attorney has helped Alicia raise more than $ 24,000 on GoFundMe for victim therapy. She also covers private school fees for him.

The fundraiser’s description reads: “SeMarion endured horrible harassment from his soccer teammates at a Plano high school. Plano ISD did nothing to reduce bullying. It got so bad that SeMarion had no choice but to leave the team. A couple of weeks ago, Semarion was ecstatic when a former teammate invited him to a sleepover. But little did he know what was planned for him (sic). ”

“While they were at the pajama party, several white students shot SeMarion with BB guns. When he was asleep he was beaten and slapped, all while calling it racial slurs. Worse yet, they forced SeMarion to drink his urine. SeMarion has submitted to the unthinkable, ”he says.

The school reportedly said in a statement that it learned of the alleged incident on Tuesday, March 2. The district explained that he is “working with the campus and local law enforcement to actively investigate the matter. Our district does not tolerate or condone bullying or harassing behavior, and is taking immediate and corrective action to address the concerns. ”