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According to a report in ABC, the DA’s office was quoted as saying that they will be filing charges against Hammond and that it will include multiple felonies and misdemeanors. Speaking of his attacker, Bruce said, “That my attacker can be somewhere where he can’t harm anyone else or if he needs help he can get the help he needs.”

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Sidney Hammond is 26 years old.

Asian Father Attacked While Walking His 1-Year-Old Child

The report also quoted business people in the area as they reacted to the shocking incident. Nani Tsegaye of Tadu Ethiopian restaurant claimed that her store in Mission Bay had been broken into and robbed more times in comparison to their Tenderloin location.

Tsegaye also claimed that this was the price they paid for doing business in the Mission Bay area. She said, “It was a heartbreaking experience,” and added, “We just expect something to happen now more than we expected before.”

Director of the Fillmore Merchant’s Association Vas Kirinis, known for NextSF, said, “The city needs to demonstrate that we are safe and clean and fun to be in again. Safety is of the utmost importance for us running out businesses so we really need to address this.”

An Asian American father out on a walk with his one-year-old in a stroller was attacked by a young man, who in the seemingly unprovoked attack pushed the older man to the ground and punched him.

The father, identified as just Bruce by media outlets, was walking with his son in a stroller in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood when the incident occurred on Friday, April 30.

Speaking about the incident, Bruce claimed that his “sense of security has been shattered” after the attack, especially as he found himself vulnerable with no way of being able to protect his son. The 36-year-old said, “I was right on the ground and in that exact second I was trying to shield my head and prevent any worse injuries.”

He also added, “I couldn’t protect my child. I was on the floor and he was in a stroller that was slowly rolling away, so it’s definitely very scary as a parent,” and said, “My sense of security has been shattered.” He also said that because he had not provoked the attacker in any way, this could be racially motivated. The incident was reported amid a wave of anti-Asian attacks across the country since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.