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Veronika Troshina is a Russian adult film actress and social media icon who is wanted by the police in Bali, Indonesia for violating public indecency norms in the country. The 22-year-old Pornhub actress apparently filmed a sexcapade with her boyfriend Mikhail Morozov on a sacred mountain at the tourist destination in 2020. The X-rated video was shot in Mount Batur, near Pura Bature, one of the most sacred Hindu temples in the country. Often symbolized with a power ring, Hindus consider the mountain to be the home of Lord Brahma.

Troshina who is Dubbed ‘porno princess’ hails from the remote Russian city of Rybinsk, around 165 miles northeast of Moscow. Her boyfriend Mikhail also hails from the same city. The young adult film actress graduated from school in 2017 and ever since she has been a known face on social media in the adult film domain.

Troshina also posts raunchy videos and photos on Instagram and her OnlyFans accounts. She is also quite popular on Twitter and TikTok. She generally uses the nickname Mihanika to share racy content with over 550,000 subscribers. Interestingly, ‘Mihanika’ is a combination of her and her partner’s first names.

Veronika Troshina Age

Veronika Troshina is 22 years old.

Video – Police Statement

Veronika shared the video on social media and promoted the same through her Twitter account. It was widely circulated and has been viewed over 1.2 million times. However, the video invited the wrath of the local police in Indonesia who are now looking for ways to reach the pornstar and her boyfriend. If arrested and charged, the two of them can face up to three years in prison.

Troshina first shared a glimpse of her mountain sexcapade on TikTok, captioning it as, “You saw me somewhere.” It was also uploaded on Pornhub where it racked up more than one million views before being removed. The video showed her Covid mask pulled below the chin as she engages in sexual acts with her boyfriend, reported The Sun.

Meanwhile, Bali police have launched an elaborate search for finding the couple, though it is a general belief that the pair has returned home already.

“Our officer found the location, specifically along the hiking trail of Mount Batur, a bit above Pasar Agung Temple. We are coordinating with immigration to find out whether or not the people concerned are still in Bali,” Bangli precinct police chief I Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan told The Sun.