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Sarasota resident Alyssa Lopez loves the beach and swimsuits, which explains why she’s been partying with the ‘Siesta Key’ gang. While Juliette Porter and Camilla Cattaneo commented on some of her posts, Amanda Miller appeared in one of her party photos. But she is more than a party girl.

Speaking to CBS before the premiere, she revealed a handful of fun facts about her: “I appeared on a billboard and on top of a Hooters cab. I have my drone license and did gymnastics for 10 years.” Apart from this, López will soon launch a line of swimwear.

The “witty, sarcastic, and outgoing” housemate has a winning strategy and is not afraid to share it with the world. “My strategy to win the game is to win the first HOH. I think the first HOH is the most important. So I could line up with powerful physical and mental players, but I would also try to make a final two alliance with someone outside of that. way I can see the game from all angles, “he said.

Alyssa Lopez Age

Alyssa Lopez is 24 years old.

‘Big Brother contestant parties

Season 23 of ‘Big Brother’ went through a last-minute restructuring after Christie Valdiserri tested positive for Covid-19. New York-based artificial intelligence engineer Claire Rehfuss will take her place. Joining her on this epic journey will be 15 other housemates, of which Alyssa López is one. A quick look at her Instagram account will tell you that she is more than just a baby on the beach. We will get to that in a moment.

As you prepare to enjoy the new season, here are some hit reality shows that you can watch during the week. While Netflix took gold with ‘Love is Blind’ and ‘Too Hot To Handle,’ CBS was not far behind with ‘Love Island’ and its swimsuit-clad contestants.

Season 23 of ‘Big Brother’ premieres July 7 at 8 / 7c on CBS. The hit summer reality series will air three episodes each week. Starting July 11, the show will return on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the same time. For more information, check your local listings. If you don’t have access to cable TV, subscribing to streaming services like AT & TV TV, fubo TV, and Hulu will help.