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Beyza Dogan, from Turkey, had to undergo multiple amputations after suffering a meningococcal infection while living in Cologne, Germany, four years ago. The 24-year-old dental technician’s kidneys collapsed due to the blood poisoning that followed and she ended up losing her arms and legs to infection.

Beyza was saved from her after her mother Mihriban Dogan, 54, donated a kidney to her two years ago. After accepting everything that had happened, Ella Beyza decided not to give up and began investigating a double arm transplant.

Beyza Dogan Age

Beyza Dogan is 24 years old.

Beyza Dogan lost hands and feet to a rare infection, hopes for a double arm transplant

Dr. Ozkan is a world-renowned expert in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is especially acclaimed for his successful double arm and face transplant surgeries. Now, Dogan will undergo the surgery under his supervision, once he finds a suitable donor. “Dr. Omer Ozkan is very experienced in this. I am very happy and eagerly await the good news from him. My only dream is to have surgery as soon as possible,” Dogan expressed his high hopes for the procedure.

At that moment, his mother Mihriban Dogan saved his life. The 54-year-old selfless mother donated her own kidney to save her daughter two years ago. However, Dogan still struggled to perform everyday activities without her limbs. He got used to wearing prosthetic arms and legs, often posting photos and selfies with or without them. But the young Rihanna fan always longed for a better solution. It was then that she decided to opt for the double-arm transplant.

“I thought the most suitable place for multi-limb transplants was Akdeniz University Hospital,” said Dogan’s first physician, Dr. Yilmaz, alluding to the experience of Professor Omer Ozkan. Meanwhile, Dr. Ozkan shared his thoughts on Dogan: “Currently, she is wearing her prosthetics. She continues with her life but has certain problems. She seems motivated and willing to receive limb transplants. She is a suitable patient.”

Dogan is currently on the waiting list for a donor. Once a compatible donor is found, transplant surgery can be smoothly performed to offer Dogan a new lease on life.