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Bri Scalesse was on her way back to New York City after a wedding when she said her wheelchair was damaged on a Delta flight from Minneapolis. The 26-year-old, who suffered a spinal cord injury from a car accident when she was 6, said losing her wheelchair has halted her active life.

Scalesse posted about her ordeal on TikTok, drawing support and attention from the disabled community and beyond. “@delta today I am losing my independence just 6 weeks after my best friend lost hers. How. How. How,” she captioned the video of her speaking directly to the camera without believing the situation. Today they took away my freedom, my independence, “she said.” And I don’t know how I’m going to live my life. ”

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Bri Scalesse’s age is unknown.

Bri Scalesse criticizes Delta Airlines for ‘breaking her wheelchair’

A model and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities has revealed how Delta Airlines broke her wheelchair a few weeks after her friend was involved in a similar incident with the same airline and went viral on social media.

Bri Scalesse, who became paraplegic at age six, did not share details of the Delta flight she had taken, but confirmed that her wheelchair had suffered irreparable damage. Wheelchairs are not allowed in the cabin area due to standard airline protocols, which dictate that they must be carried in the hold along with cargo and luggage. However, this carries an additional risk of damage and mishandling. In the past three years, US airlines have reported at least 15,000 wheelchairs damaged or lost in transit, the Washington Post reported.

According to Scalesse, there is no quick fix for your situation. “When I spoke to the representative of the wheelchair repair company, they said, ‘You know this will take a long time to replace.’ So today they took away my freedom and independence,” he said in a TikTok video that turned viral. . “I don’t know how I’m going to live my life.”

Delta Airlines faced a huge backlash on social media after the incident, considering this was not the first time a wheelchair had been damaged.

“@delta How, how, HOW do they take away their livelihoods with their mishandling of wheelchairs and not take responsibility? How has this happened over and over again in such a short time? THEY NEED TO DO THIS RIGHT” , angered a Twitter. the user wrote.

“This is the fourth or fifth story I’ve seen ONLY in the last month of airlines breaking people’s wheelchairs! This HAS to end! How does this happen and why are they being handled with such little consideration? it’s scary to fly. again. #DisabilityPride, “added another.

“This week’s post about @ Delta’s abuse comes from @briscalesse on TikTok, whose wheelchair suffered irreparable damage and was told there will be no replacement anytime soon. Wheelchairs are an extension of the body . This is inhuman, “intervened a third.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Scalesse has been involved in an incident like this either. Just six weeks ago, the model posted a video about the same airline damaging the wheels of her friend Gabrielle deFiebre.

“It looked like the wheel was hanging, and I immediately turned around because I didn’t want her to see my literal panic,” she told Buzzfeed. “When I turned around, I just walked over to her and hugged her and all three of us traveling together cried for her. It was so painful to see her realize that her literal way of living her life was broken.” .

“I thought that recording the moment, for our friends, or sending it to the airline, or maybe even the Internet, could be important to see the reality of what flying is like for many wheelchair users,” she added.

Scalesse thanked her fans and followers for her help and support in an Instagram Stories follow-up. He revealed that he will receive an exact replica of his broken wheelchair paid for by Delta Airlines. “This should never happen to any of us, this should never happen to anyone. This is a systemic problem with airlines and it really needs to change, “he said, adding,” I don’t want to be afraid to travel. ”

In responding to the previous incident involving deFiebre, Delta Airlines had written: “We must do better.” However, the airline has yet to comment on the latest incident.