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Corinna Smith, also known as Corinna Baines appeared in Chester Crown Court on Friday, July 9, and was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 12 years in prison. Smith, of Highfield Road, Neston, had previously been convicted after a trial.

The jury heard that she mixed boiling water with three bags of sugar, leaving Michael Baines with a 36 percent body burn. The 80-year-old man was transferred to Whiston Hospital in the early morning of Tuesday, July 14, 2020, in serious condition. He received treatment for his injuries but, despite the best efforts of the medical staff, he died a month later, on Tuesday, August 18.

It can now be reported that, on July 13, her daughter had informed Smith of the “devastating” allegations that her husband had been Se**xually abusing children “for many years.”

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Corinna Smith is 59 years old.

Corinna Smith Killed a man – Charges

This included a child Se**xual abuse allegation against the only son Corinna Smith and Michael Baines had together, Craig Baines, who tragically took his own life at age 25 in 2007.

In her sentencing statements, the judge, the Honorable Ms Judge Amanda Yip DBE, said: “He had been concerned before his death and had been in prison for a serious assault.

“You and other family members couldn’t understand why Craig’s life had gone this way. He had told you that the man he attacked was a pedophile and that he had touched him Se**xually. The day before Craig’s death He had been in some anguish and had said, “Mom, he’s a pedophile.” You understood that he was referring to the man he had assaulted. Craig seemed happier the next day and you didn’t further explore what he had said. This is something you’ve felt guilty about ever since. You blamed yourself for Craig’s death even though you had no reason to.

“Your trial of hers failed and did not explore the truth of the allegations made against her husband. The prosecution accepted that the allegations were made and that you believed them. Without a doubt, the disclosures were extremely distressing to you.”

Se**xt the court heard would have taken about 13 minutes. After Smith poured the boiling sugar water on her husband for 38 years, she ran to a neighbor’s house to tell them what she had done. Defense attorney Mary Loram said she was “howling” in anguish when police arrived.

Judge Yip added: “Although the background provides some explanation as to why she did what she did, I am sure she knows that she cannot provide an excuse. Her actions by him cannot begin to be justified, whatever it is she believed her husband had done. He took the life of Mr. Baines and caused terrible pain and shock to his children and those who loved him. Sure.

“Killing Mr. Baines also took away the opportunity to prove the accusations. That took away his right to a fair trial, bearing in mind that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”

“I have no doubt that this has caused incalculable pain to Mr. Baines’ children. The accusations remain pending but have not been proven. This is quite a terrible situation for the whole family. They are not to blame for any of this and they deserve the greatest sympathy. The prosecution, Mark Rhind, said a series of personal statements from victims of family members had been presented to the court, describing the anguish they had endured over the past year.

In sentencing, Judge Yip said: “I sentence him on the basis that his intention was to cause serious harm rather than to kill. Furthermore, that intention was formed while he was in a state of distress.

“This was not a long-standing and carefully crafted plan. You used materials you already had at home. I accept that your initial reaction was to call the police and that the intention to hurt your husband only developed later when you were home and thinking. in what they had told him. Corinna Smith, for the murder of Michael Baines, I sentence her to life imprisonment. The minimum period will be 12 years, minus the 166 days she has spent in pretrial detention and 96 days credit for the time she spent on a qualification curfew.

“That term represents the minimum period that he must serve. After it is served, there is no guarantee that he will be released at that time, or at any particular time thereafter. It will be up to the Parole Board to decide if and when he is fit for release. He must also understand that if he is released and when he is released, he will remain on leave for the rest of his life and therefore he can be recalled and his detention continued if he repeats.”