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Danny Cazares was identified as the suspect charged with shooting a married couple at the Houston Aquarium restaurant in what authorities believe was a random attack.

The victims were identified as Gabriel Alexander Moriones Vargas, 28, who was killed, and his 24-year-old wife, who remains in stable condition at an area hospital, Houston police said. The shootings occurred at 410 Bagby Street. The victims posted a happy video showing them at the restaurant bar just before the shooting that captured Cazares sitting on the other side of it.

Police identified the suspect as Danny García Cazares, 39. They said he was “pronounced dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. “This was a tragic and isolated incident with no relationship between the victims and the suspect,” they wrote in a statement posted on the department’s Twitter page.

Danny Cazares Age

Danny Cazares‘s age is unknown.

The suspect was sitting at the opposite end of the bar

At a press conference, HPD Deputy CEO Matt Slinkard said the couple were simply having dinner together at the restaurant’s bar while visiting Houston. Cazares, 39, of Houston, was sitting at the opposite end of the restaurant’s bar and simply walked over and shot the couple before shooting himself, according to Slinkard.

Click2Houston reported that the shooting was random and the motive is unknown.

The victims shared photos and videos

According to Click2Houston, the victims shared photos and videos on their social media page that captured Cazares sitting at the end of the bar.

Video shared by the station shows the victims clinking glasses of wine at the end of the bar. Cazares can be seen in the background. Vargas’ Instagram page is privatized. On Twitter, he shared Instagram photos of the Statue of Liberty in New York. He called himself Gabo Moriones on social media.

Cazares was released on bail on a weapon charge

According to Houston court records, the suspect was out on bail for an active criminal case involving an offender in possession of a weapon. His address was given as Houston. The bond was set at $ 15,000.

His criminal record was extensive; it included charges of breaking and entering, possession of marijuana, driving while intoxicated, unauthorized use of a vehicle, failing to identify a fugitive, and theft.

Police wrote that Cazares “has a prior criminal record, including prior arrests for an offender in possession of a weapon.”

Cazares once underwent a mental health evaluation

Police said Cazares had a “history of mental illness. According to Click2Houston, the suspect once underwent a mental health evaluation after being found “wandering around the Cy-Fair Fire Department barracks.”

The firearm charge resulted from his niece calling police to report that he was “sitting at the bar with a loaded pistol in his pocket” at a different Houston restaurant. He was also charged with “vandalizing a hotel room,” the television station reported.

His family told Eyewitness News that Cazares was “a sweet man” who had schizophrenia and had required hospitalization for it.

Vargas, who was from Colombia

According to the Spanish site Somos Fan, Vargas was a Colombian citizen.

“It was said that this 28-year-old was a native of La Plata, Huila, and came with his 24-year-old partner to enjoy Houston in Texas,” the site reported.

The site Occidente 30 Dias published an extensive tribute to Vargas.

I met Gabriel and his sisters Yaninela and Paula at the end of 2006; Every day at four o’clock in the afternoon, Misael Quimbaya Ramírez of the Villa de San Sebastián de La Plata attended the Olympic Village, where they trained classical and fin swimming, under the direction of Professor Alfonso Criollo.

Moisés and his wife Yineth (†), and knowledgeable about this sporting discipline, saw qualities and potential in the three children, who at that time already represented with honor their municipality La Plata, occupying the first places and winning medals; but unfortunately and as often happens in our country, without the financial support of government entities. In short, his parents assumed all the expenses, accessories, travel, accommodation, food, registration and the expenses required in training and competitive activities.

In December 2006, in the printed edition of Occidente 30 days, we published a note in which we publicized the process, which was carried out voluntarily by Professor Creole, and also summoned local and departmental authorities, seeking support for the silver talent.

Years later, the young Morions Vargas decided to seek new life expectations and with the support of his parents, they traveled to the city of Medellín, where they remained linked to sports and developed their academic projects.

Educational commitments and work obligations truncated the dreams of three young promises of swimming, who one day had to choose between sport or a work project, a sadly understood decision, in a country where social conditions and needs are stronger than passions .

On Sunday September 15, 2019 I received a message via WhatsApp, it was Gabriel, he wrote to say hello, he told me that he lived in America and that he still practiced swimming, he did it five days a week. I remember that night we talked for about half an hour and after saying goodbye we stayed to communicate again.

We kept in constant contact for the next several months. Every time he called me I heard a voice that radiated joy, optimism, faith in his projects, and an unwavering desire to improve the quality of personal life and those around him. I believed in what I did.

– Hi, how are you, Juan? – was the last message I received from Gabo on Tuesday, April 20 of this year, to which I responded with the affection of always, and that day due to mutual occupations, it did not extend beyond the greeting.

On the morning of Friday, July 9, in one of the daily routine tasks, checking the e-mail, did not credit the text he read, CNN recorded in its headlines the cold-blooded murder of a young Colombian in deeds. in the city of Houston, Texas, at the hand of a madman, a monster, who blinded the life, dreams, and projects of a great human being … Gabriel Alexander Morions Vargas.

To Moisés, Yaninela, and Paula, I want to say that the loss of their son and brother is a pain that I feel like my own. God strengthens your lives and hearts.