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Hollister Tryon was arrested last Friday and charged with two counts of third-degree computer crimes. Police said in a statement that he is accused of accessing the computer database and changing both citations prior to the publication of the yearbook in October 2020.

Earlier this year, the Glastonbury Superintendent of Schools and the high school principal wrote a letter to the community, saying they deeply regret not detecting the act of bigotry and vandalism before the yearbook was printed.

Hollister Tryon Age

Hollister Tryon is 18 years old.

Hollister Tryon Charges – Arrested

A local high school student who allegedly placed a quote from Adolf Hitler and the attacker from the 2013 Boston Marathon below photos of other students in this year’s Glastonbury High School yearbook was arrested.

According to the police department’s online arrest log, Hollister Tryon, 18, of 207 Buttonball Lane, faces two counts of third-degree computer crime. Each count is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Tryon was arrested on July 9 and released on a $ 5,000 bond, of which he had to deposit 10% in cash, according to police.

Tryon “is accused of illegally accessing a computer database that the students used to submit their yearbook citations and changing the citations of the two students prior to the publication of the yearbook in October 2020,” police said in the record. of arrests. He is due to appear in Manchester High Court on 6 August.

Tryon is accused of putting the Hitler quote, which was incorrectly attributed to George Floyd, under the photo of another student, police say. Tryon is also accused of placing a quote under the photo of another student who is attributed to drugs and included the name of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was convicted of participating in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

3 people are reported to have been killed by pressure cooker bombs planted by Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerian, who was killed during their attempt to escape from the police four days after the attacks. Around 280 people were injured by the bombs.

School administrators learned of the tampering after initial copies of the yearbook were distributed to high school seniors. Subsequently, the school asked students who received their yearbooks to return them for correction and delayed the distribution of other yearbooks to allow corrections to be made.

The Glastonbury superintendent of schools and the high school principal wrote a letter to the community that said, “There is no place for any of this anywhere in our school system,” they wrote. “As a district, we are committed to examining our school system and our school culture and to dismantling any practices that support inequality, privilege, and racism. We made that commitment a year ago. These are NOT just words. We have started this critical work this year and will continue the work for many years to come. ”