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Jovan Trevino was arrested Tuesday at the Western Arizona Regional Medical Center in Bullhead City, Arizona, according to a statement from the Bullhead City Police Department. The hospital was approximately 90 miles from his home in Henderson, Nevada.

Treviño allegedly entered the hospital for treatment and told staff members that he had killed his children, KVVU-TV reports, citing police reports. Authorities had been searching for Treviño since the day before, when the bodies of his children, Gihanna Fox, 1, and Christopher Fox III, 4, were found at his home.

Jovan Trevino Age

Jovan Trevino is 33 years old.

Jovan Trevino Killed Daughter and Son

Jovan Treviño, 33, was arrested after being charged with drowning her two children at her Henderson home. Treviño was a Family Services Assistant in the Clark County Department of Family Services. The department is the local child welfare agency that works to protect children from abuse and neglect. A county spokesperson confirmed that she has been employed full-time in the county since July 1, 2019. She worked part-time as a family services specialist between January 30, 2018, and June 30, 2019.

As a family services assistant, she usually completes paperwork, supervises visits, and helps families apply for assistance. Inside the Henderson gated community Wednesday night, a group of neighbors held a vigil for the two children. it’s very heartbreaking, ”said neighbor Davina Gutiérrez, holding back tears. “Too much is happening. Innocent children ”.

New police documents detail that Treviño wanted to commit suicide. The arrest warrant says in part that he “knew her children could not live without her and made the decision on Monday to commit suicide after killing her two children.” However, Treviño’s attempts to take her life were unsuccessful, according to police.

According to Henderson Courthouse records, Treviño’s ex-fiancé called the police to report that the children were found dead inside the home. The man said the children drowned in two separate bathtubs and identified Treviño as the children’s mother. Police said the two bathtubs were half full of water when they arrived.

Police located the 4-year-old boy upstairs in the loft and the 1-year-old girl in the master bedroom.

Police records showed multiple calls for service at Treviño’s home address in recent months, including one “unknown problem” call just two days before July 17, and five different “family disturbances” or “assault calls domestic “since May 23. The children’s father said he is asking the public for respect as he continues to grieve but plans to make a statement later this week.

The children’s father and Treviño’s ex-boyfriend, Christopher Fox, called Henderson police and asked them to “investigate a medical emergency” at Treviño’s home. According to Treviño’s arrest warrant, she had a temporary warrant against Fox not to enter the home the night of the incident. When the agents arrived at the house, they found the two children “without assistance” and both were pronounced dead at the scene. Police issued a statement calling the children’s deaths “suspicious” at this time.

According to the arrest warrant, Treviño mentioned that she took a heavy dose of Allerga before drinking Theraflu, three beers and a shot of tequila. She then prepared a bath for her son Christopher. According to the warrant’s statement, “Jovan tricked Christopher into playing face down in the bathtub by giving him a pair of glasses and using them to help him see better underwater.” Then Treviño allegedly held the boy underwater, using one of his legs. She told police that it took her three to four minutes before she realized that her son was dead. According to police, Treviño then went to another bathroom and killed her daughter Gihanna by holding her underwater. Treviño was arrested at the hospital by Arizona police.

During a search at his home, the police found a suicide note on Treviño’s phone that allegedly said that he could not “leave this land and leave my precious children behind.” Police also found a large, bloody kitchen knife and a towel in the home’s master bedroom. During police questioning, Treviño admitted to writing the suicide note and to have attempted suicide several times after killing his children. According to KNTV reports, Treviño tried to cut his wrist and neck with the knife but was unsuccessful. She then continued drinking and left home “believing that she could park and overheat in the car causing her death or possibly collide head-on with another vehicle causing a collision that would kill her.”

Treviño had reportedly filed a court order requesting full custody of the children and mentioned a history of domestic violence against her. According to district court documents, Fox had three counts of violating protective orders, the last recorded on October 4, 2020, of which he pleaded guilty and is scheduled to sentence on September 21.


The children’s father has created a commemorative GoFundMe page that has earned $ 3,095 of his goal of $ 7,500 through Wednesday night.