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Lulu Lakatos has been found guilty and sentenced to five and a half years in prison for stealing £ 4.2 million worth of diamonds and trading them for pebbles in a plot similar to a Hollywood heist movie.

She posed as gem expert “Anna” sent to Boodles luxury jewelers in Mayfair, London in March 2016 to value the stones on behalf of alleged wealthy Russian buyers.


She is 60 years old.

Hit of diamonds

The seven diamonds, including one worth £ 2.2 million, were placed in a padlocked purse and kept in the vault of the New Bond Street store until the funds were transferred.

But CCTV footage from the family business’s basement showroom captured the moment the purse was put into Lakatos’s purse and exchanged for a duplicate in seconds using “sleight of hand.”

Nicholas Wainwright, president of Boodles, had briefly left to speak on the phone with an apparent Russian buyer named “Alexander,” whom he had met over lunch at the Hotel Metropole, Monaco.

Jewelers ‘diamond expert Emma Barton raised suspicions, but the diamonds, believed to have been hidden in a hidden compartment, were not found in Lakatos’ purse. He left the store before exchanging the gems for the purse of an unknown woman, and the international gang of criminals fled the UK for France in less than three hours.

When Boodles’s safe bag was opened the next day, there were seven small garden pebbles inside. The diamonds have never been recovered.

Lakatos claimed that Anna was, in fact, his late younger sister, Liliana Lakatos. The latter had confessed to having used the former’s passport to commit the crime months before dying in a car accident, at age 49, in Romania, in October 2019.

Pleaded guilty

Liliana Lakatos was wanted in Switzerland for a nearly identical plot, where an envelope containing 400,000 euros (£ 340,000) was exchanged for a duplicate full of paper.

But on Wednesday, Lulu Lakatos was found guilty in Southwark Crown Court of conspiracy to rob on or before March 10, 2016, by a 10-to-one jury majority after nine hours and 19 minutes of deliberation.

The judge, Emma Goodall QC, said she would sentence Lakatos later Wednesday.

Lakatos, born in Romania, from Saint-Brieuc, Brittany, has three previous convictions for robbery in France. He arrived in London the day before the robbery. She was seen on CCTV with Georgeta Danila, 53, entering the Cricklewood Lodge Hotel, London, before taking a reconnaissance trip to Boodles with Christophe Stankovic and Mickael Jovanovic.