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Sam Ramplin was left heartbroken by 17-year-old Denny’s death in April 2019 and vowed she would see her son “soon”. he model-turned-TV-presenter fronted Hollywood celeb show Tinseltown and was a runner up on Hell’s Kitchen.

Sam, who once dated actor Michael Keaton, was discovered dead at her home in Malaga in January this year. An inquest was told how Sam had started drinking more frequently after her son’s death and told loved ones she wanted to end her own life. Sam, who also had a 27-year-old daughter, also said she wanted to “be with her son” and felt “unable to cope”.

Sam Ramplin Age

Sam Ramplin was 47 years old.

Sam Ramplin found hanged – Cause of Death

Ms Ramplin, a former model who was also a finalist on the reality show Hell’s Kitchen and hosted the Hollywood celebrity show Tinseltown, committed suicide at her home in Malaga, Spain, in January this year.

The Walthamstow Coroner’s Court heard that the 47-year-old was devastated by the death of her son Denny and wished to be restored to ‘life after death’ with him. Ms Ramplin was working as a caregiver when her son died after a traffic collision in May 2019. Her sister Michelle Thompson drank heavily and promised that she ‘would see Denny soon’.

In a statement, she said: ‘My sister Samantha Lesley Ramplin was a mother of two. She had been a great mother throughout the years. She loved her two sons, a daughter Summer Richardson, who is 27 years old, and Denny, who is now 19 years old. Unfortunately, two years ago, Denny, when he was 17, was involved in a motorcycle accident that cost him his life.

“The tragedy affected the family very much, especially my sister Sam.

Sam had a very colorful life. She had been a glamorous model, she had worked on television that sadly had faded over the years. She had many ups and downs in her career, some of which had made her feel very bad.

Although she was fun and loving, there were dark moments that left her feeling depressed. Her pain for him was immense. She drank alcohol, but this became more frequent after her death. We as a family always felt that we were always there to help her through difficult times. ‘

The Walthamstow Forensic Court heard that Ms. Ramplin hanged herself at her home in Malaga. A toxicology and pathologist report did not find any disease or natural trauma and could not find any trace of alcohol or drugs. Coroner Graeme Irvine said this could be because Ms Ramplin’s body had to be embalmed in order to be repatriated back to the UK.

He said: “ It appears that there was pressure in the blood vessels in her neck that caused her to lose consciousness and then pass away. There were no signs of traumatic injuries or fighting. He continued: “ We know there was an incident in 2019 where Sam was reviewed by the local psychiatric trust, Essex Partnership University Trust. Basically, her Sam had made comments to those around her while she was drunk and she said that she was considering ending her life.

Those who cared for her made the decision to call an ambulance and consequently took her to safety for a short period of time. Unfortunately, she was intoxicated with alcohol. Once she sobered up on her, an evaluation was conducted by a psychiatric nurse on May 9, 2019, and it appears that Sam’s presentation was one of real regret.

She assured the psychiatric nurse that she was previously very distraught, upset after the death of her son and that she felt unable to cope and became blindly drunk. She told people that she wanted to be with her son. Her sister, who attended the hearing remotely, said she remembered going with Ms. Ramplin to Denny’s grave on what would have been her 19th birthday.

She said: ‘He came to see me in October last year and we went to Denny’s grave when she turned 19. She said: ‘I’ll be there soon. I said, ‘don’t be silly, but she said ‘no, I mean it, I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to live.

Ms. Thompson added: ‘She was stubborn in her own way. She wouldn’t get help very easily. We put her through day by day, but no one can understand once that she is alone. She made him believe there was another life after this and I don’t know if that helped, but I hope she helps her get through the two years without Denny. ‘

Summing up, Irvine said: ‘In 2019, Ms. Ramplin went through incredible emotional trauma. Her son was killed in a traffic collision that had a profound impact on Sam. We know that after a short period of time they took her to a safe place and evaluated her in terms of her mental health, as it was discovered that she was very drunk and said that she did not want to live any longer and that she wanted to be with her. child.

After a period of stabilization, Ms. Ramplin reflected and it seemed that the doctors were confident that she would be stable with some support. She said that she had a very supportive family and with that tranquility, she was discharged from psychiatric services and indicated that she would spend some time in Spain.

Her GP prescribed two types of medication for Sam, an antidepressant and a sleeping pill. We know that Sam traveled to Spain and settled in an area of ​​Malaga. Sadly, Sam was found to be unresponsive to her home address in Spain. The Spanish authorities assessed that she died of mechanical asphyxia due to hanging.

The coroner issued a suicide verdict and offered his condolences to Ms. Ramplin’s sister. He said: ‘Sam was a young woman and she obviously she went through a lot in the last two years of her life. You’ve already spent time crying over Denny, but then crying over Sam too is even worse. I offer my condolences.