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Sara Assayed from Barry has been living in Kuwait for 15 years, working as an elementary school teacher. In addition to this, she is also an animal rights activist who helps rescue animals in Kuwait and re-house them around the world.

In February 2019, Ms Assayed was driving home from work with a friend when the police stopped them. Her sister Sheree Conibear said: “The police arrested her, took her car and told her friend to get out of it. They kept calling her by another name, they were looking for another woman. “Ms. Assayed was taken to prison in Kuwait and charged with carrying drugs in her car. She was kept in prison for four months.

Sara Assayed Age

Sara Assayed is 35 years old.

Sara Assayed found Not Guilty

Sara Assayed, from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, has been living in Kuwait City since she was 17 years old. The 35-year-old was jailed for 10 years in March 2021 after drugs were allegedly found in her car and after a 30-minute sham “” trial, Wales Online reports.

Despite being acquitted on appeal last month, she remains in jail. Her family is desperately pleading with the UK government to help her get Sara out of prison and back to Wales. Her sister Sheree said the family worries more and more as time goes on.

She said: “She told me that if she did not go out she was going to kill herself. Her mental health is in very bad shape. In March 2019, Sara was traveling home with a colleague after teaching an evening class for disabled children. when he was in police custody.

She was arrested for a drug-related crime and seized her car, leaving her friend to take a taxi home. Sara was initially held in pre-trial detention for four months until her family managed to get her released on bail, leaving her awaiting trial in Kuwait after her passport was taken away.

At this point, Sheree contacted the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), which contacted the British embassy to put the family in touch with an employee. Sheree explained that the embassy employee’s English is not at a level where the two can communicate effectively, and she rejected any attempt to speak to the ambassador directly over the phone.

Sara’s father, Ziad, who is an engineer, flew to Kuwait hoping to get a meeting with the ambassador, but the family say the diplomatic chief’s staff turned him down. We had no support from the British embassy, ​​”Sheree said.

“The FCDO knows their situation and they continue to refer us to the British Embassy in Kuwait, the British Embassy in Kuwait continue to refer us to the FCDO in London. The situation was later complicated by the outbreak of coronavirus, which caused the case of Sara “. In December 2020, Sara faced what her family says was an “unfair” trial in which she was found guilty of a drug crime and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Sheree explained: “It was an unfair trial. He tried to bring a witness, the girl in the car, the lawyer took the witness to court and she was not allowed to speak. Sara was also unable to take the stand or speak. At her own trial, which it lasted less than thirty minutes before the judge handed down a conviction.

“We don’t want her to work there after what happened to her. However, when Sara was sent to the deportation center, the British embassy had no details about her deportation and after two days they sent her back to prison to await deportation. Sara was placed in isolation due to the Covid pandemic, where she was kept without pillows or blankets for fourteen days.

The family was asked to hire more attorneys to organize the deportation letters, only for the recommended attorneys to inform the family that these documents are the responsibility of the embassy. They have now paid around £ 20,000 in legal fees.

“It was horrible,” the sister continued. My mom has been so sick. She has been frustrating because communication with FCDO has been very limited. It’s frustrating that my dad, who has diabetes, booked a ticket and traveled there and still hasn’t been allowed into the embassy. My sister, while she was out on bail, walked to the Embassy on foot and was not allowed in or supported.

“I feel like the UK government and the system have failed us. Sheree has now launched a petition in an attempt to ensure her sister’s safe return. Sara’s family is now pleading with the UK government to push for Sara. be released and return safely. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said: “We are helping a British citizen who is detained in Kuwait and is in contact with his family and local authorities.”