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Stephanie Hillburn‘s arrest for concealing a body was due to a welfare check conducted by officers at her home on Valentine’s Day. Officers asked Hillburn and

A New York woman was arrested Wednesday for living with the body of her roommate following her death from an overdose in February. It appeared that the 62-year-old Barter had been dead for some time, and an investigation revealed that she died of an overdose on February 6. Hillburn and Eglin are accused of moving Barter into his room, presumably so his guests wouldn’t notice.

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Stephanie Hillburn is 43 years old.

Stephanie Hillburn hid their roommate’s dead body during parties

The two roommates allegedly lived with Barter’s corpse for a week and organized various parties and get-togethers in that time frame. They said they did not report Barter’s

WTEN reported that Hillburn was originally arrested Wednesday with two other people during a traffic stop in Montgomery County. Hillburn was criminally charged with possession of a hypodermic instrument before being turned over to Johnstown police. Eglin is already in custody and is also expected to be criminally charged in connection with this case. The records indicate that Eglin was sent to the state prison in May for an unrelated criminal charge of possession of the stolen property.

Police said Hillburn and Eglin were visibly nervous when officers arrived at their home and asked to speak to Barter. The women then directed police to Barter’s bedroom, where they found the woman’s corpse rotting on the bed. She appeared to have been “dead for some time,” according to police.

An investigation has determined that Barter likely died of a drug overdose during the week of February 6, 2021. Hillburn and Eglin then allegedly moved her body into her bedroom in an attempt to hide Barter’s body for not to be discovered by the guests. ‘ Hillburn and Eglin continued to live in the same apartment with Barter’s body, and even invited people to various parties, police said.

Investigators stated that Hillburn and Eglin did not call the police to report Barter’s death because they feared officers would uncover other unspecified illegal activity at the residence. Sometime between February and last week, Hillburn had fled.

She was arrested with an outstanding warrant on August 11 during a traffic stop in Amsterdam, New York, about 10 miles south of Johnstown in the Capital Region. During a search, she was told that she was in possession of drug-related paraphernalia. Eglin, who is also expected to face the concealment charge, is currently in state prison for an unrelated felony criminal possession of the stolen property, police said, according to a report by The Leader-Herald.