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Tommy Bryant is from Tarrant but currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a student at Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida. Tarrant’s Facebook page does not appear to have any further information on him. We couldn’t find a LinkedIn profile for Bryant, so we can’t confirm where he works, other than City Hall.

Media reports indicate that Bryant was re-elected to represent District 5 in the 2020 Jefferson County municipal elections. He is reportedly the longest-serving councilman in the city. The elections also saw Tarrant elect his first black mayor, Wayman Newton. The use of the N-word is the first and only time Bryant’s name has appeared in the national media, but it has nevertheless caused a considerable storm. Here’s a video of the outburst.

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Tommy Bryant‘s age is unknown.

Tommy Bryant Use N-word at Meeting

The Alabama Democratic Party is asking Tarrant City Councilman John “Tommy” Bryant to step down after the legislator used the phrase “black house” during a council meeting Monday night, prompting widespread condemnation.

“Do we have a black house here?” Bryant asked during the council meeting, which was recorded. “Do we? Do we?” The councilman later said that he was just repeating what Tarrant Mayor Wayman Newton, the city’s first black mayor, called Councilor Veronica Freeman.

In an interview Tuesday night with WVTM, Bryant said there was a difference between his use of the n-word and Newton’s alleged use. He said it in a derogatory way, I said it so people would know what the mayor said, ”Bryant said. “The mayor was being dismissive of Veronica Freeman when he said that.”

Earlier Tuesday, Newton told AL.com in a statement: “The video speaks for itself.” He could not be reached later Tuesday to find out if he used the n-word toward Freeman. Video footage from the meeting shows Bryant asking, “Do we have an N-word for the house here? Do we? Do we?” The comments were made at a city council meeting on July 19. In defense of him, Bryant said he was just repeating what the mayor called Councilor Freeman.

“I heard a comment from (unclear) where someone made that comment. And I thought it would be appropriate to go ahead and bring it out,” she said in an interview with WVTM 13. “The mayor called Veronica Freeman a stupid brother. using that term in front of everyone, and I thought the city should know what kind of terminology the mayor uses, “he added. Bryant claimed that the mayor “said it in a derogatory way, I said it so that people would know what the mayor said.” When approached for comment, Newton did not confirm whether what Tarrant said was true. Freeman also could not be reached for comment on the matter.

Despite Bryant’s allegations, both the Democratic and Republican parties have publicly condemned him for his words. Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl told Al.com that Braynt’s behavior “is completely unacceptable in any setting.” Wahl added: “The Alabama Republican Party is deeply concerned by the racial outburst and disrespect shown by Councilmember Tommy Bryant.” However, he did not suggest that Bryant should resign, which is what the Democrats are pushing.

“Alabama still has a long way to go when it comes to race, but just being comfortable with the KKK and using the N-word should make one unfit to serve,” said the party’s executive director. , Wade Perry. In addition, the party called Bryant a “racist unable to serve.” Calls to resign have also started to emerge from the Tarrant community. One resident told CBS 42: “I think he should quit because he was too comfortable standing up and using that word in front of a group of people of color.”

However, the calls seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The state Republican Party has not only refused to sanction Bryant, it has also refused to withdraw. Speaking to reporters on July 20, Bryant said, “Of course not. I might even consider running for mayor next time,” when asked about his resignation. Bryant has also brought other accusations against Newton, including the fact that he allegedly intimidated Freeman. “It’s time for those people who are going to get angry because of what I said, get angry not because I said it, but because the Mayor said it,” he told WVTM 13.

This is not the first time charges have been made against Newton. Since his election, he has faced significant opposition from a group of mostly white residents of the city, including Tarrant Police Chief Dennis Reno. In fact, Reno had Newton arrested for assault, a charge that was later shown to be false.