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William Jennette is the father of five in prison who died on May 6 last year after being held down by police and correctional officers in Lewisburg, south of Nashville. Surveillance and body camera footage show Tennessee police officers saying “not to breathe” because they had her captured just before she drowned.

A disturbing video of William’s last moments in police custody was released, showing that he was constantly holding his breath for “I can’t breathe” seconds before he died.

William Jennette Age

William Jennette was 48 years old.

Cause of Death

Surveillance and body camera footage shows Tennessee police officers telling the father of five children in jail that he ‘shouldn’t breathe’ just a few minutes before he was drowned. William Jennette died on May 6 last year after being pinned to the ground by police and correctional officers while in detention in Lewisburg, south of Nashville.

The newly emerged footage obtained by the WTVF shows officers fighting Jennette and calling for support after she refused to sit in a safety seat in Marshall County Prison. He had been imprisoned two days before resisting arrest, public drunkenness, and improper diagnosis. It is unclear whether he had a criminal record beyond his most recent arrest; DailyMail.com requested registration from the local police department.

The footage shows Jennette getting out of her cell and then struggling with the officers trying to get her to a chair. At that time, an officer was seen pushing Jennette against the wall before other officers in the area and police rushed to help. As he wrestled on the floor, Jennette could be heard yelling: “Help me, they’re gonna kill me.”

Multiple policemen and prison officers held her while Jennette screamed for her to get rid of her. “Stay down, you stupid son of a bitch,” said an officer. Another officer could be heard saying, ‘Before you do anything else, go get leg guards, go get leg guards.’ After Jennette said she couldn’t breathe for the first time, a female officer replied: “You can’t breathe, you stupid slut.”

The officers continued to keep Jennette down and were seen bending her legs towards her back. Later, a police officer said that they should be careful not to strangle him. Relax relax. Remember drowning, boys, ‘the officer said. Another replied: “That’s why I’m not in your lungs to let him breathe.”

“I’m fine” was the last thing Jennette said before her death. An officer replied: ‘No, you’re not okay. You’re gonna lie there for a damn minute. A medical doctor concluded that he died from suffocation and drugs in his system, including methamphetamine. His death was considered murder, but a large jury refused to blame any of the relevant officers. On the road to distress, prison records show that Jennette was ‘hallucinating’ and ‘detoxing’ after her arrest two days ago.

She was detained for resisting arrest, public drunkenness, and improper exposure.

According to prison records, Jennette was seated in a chair as she hit her head against the cell wall the day before she died. Since then, her daughter, Dominique Jennette, has sued the Lewisburg Police Department about her death and what happened after.

The police department did not comment on the case or the video’s emergence. The case alleges that the officers did not realize that he was breathing for more than a minute. According to the case, instead of checking Jennette, an officer asked a colleague if she was okay. This officer later said, allegedly mocking Jennette: ‘I can’t breathe.

Her daughter claims that the footage, with the medical doctor’s decision, shows that her father was unfairly murdered. They should have been more conscious. They should have been properly trained and it wasn’t, ”Dominique said. She said the footage was heartbreaking and showed how scared her father was.

“This is something that really clings to me, how scared and how lonely she must have felt,” said Jennette. It just broke my heart because she was worth knowing.”

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